Popular Social Networks To Improve Internal Communication For Business

February 6, 2017
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With a recent announcement of the lines between social networks used for professional and personal communication are blurring. Popular social networks are starting to think more like enterprise social networks (ENS) to improve internal communication within organizations. Whether you’re a large corporation or a , communication is key in improving cohesion amongst your teams and departments.

However, Facebook was not the first one to think about creating a social network to be used for improving internal communication. While your executive team may be considering whether it’s okay to let their employees use Facebook at work, get a detailed look at social networks that have always catered to internal communication within the organization.

zyncro launched in 2009 and is the first European ESN. It has a philosophy that sees change management as the leading way to bringing an ESN into a company. With its array of customization options for internal collaboration and communication, your company has the opportunity to really make this platform their own. For smaller businesses, a five-person trial comes free of charge.

Zyncro is also available in the Hootsuite app directory. The Zyncro app for Hootsuite allows you to monitor and post to your enterprise social network, publish comments, ‘like’ status updates, visualize feeds, send private messages, view member profiles and more.

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Popular Social Networks To Improve Internal Communication For Business
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