EMAC Recruiting Academy Launches New Loan Officer Recruiting e-Learning Platform

April 18, 2017
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Newly released Loan Officer Recruiting Blueprint delivers instant access to all the experience and knowledge of the recognized expert personal recruiting coach; Jim McGrath. This unique e-Learning Platform guides members step-by-step through real world recruitment situations and offers sound solutions to today’s challenging recruiting environment.

EMAC Recruiting Academy announces the launch of the Updated New Loan Officer Recruiting Blueprint e-Learning Platform written especially for the Mortgage Industry. EMAC’s Essential Library includes volumes on topics of importance to both the first-time Sales Manager and the seasoned professional.

EMAC has provided mortgage industry recruitment products and training since 1995, offering services that develop change in the way clients think about recruiting talent.
The rapid changes and increased complexity of today’s mortgage industry presents new challenges and put new demands on an organization’s recruitment process. Recruiting is like running any business, there is no magic bullet, no one technology vendor and no agency that is going to be the answer.

This stand-alone e-Learning Platform offers practical recruiting advice so that managers have a ready resource when encountering issues common to recruiting experienced Loan Officers. Together, these training modules form a core reference resource where managers can access quick and reliable guidance.

Just as professional athletes hire coaches to help improve performance, business people have coaches to help maximize the true potential and enhance the level of success in their professional and personal lives. Loan Officer Recruiting Blueprint teaches the “ART of Recruiting” and the techniques used by professional Headhunters, providing the tools necessary to build and maintain a quality sales force for the future.

Best recruiting practices are clearly explained recruitment strategies and offer topic specific advice and tips that highlight the most important sourcing and closing techniques. Practical, concise, easy to access, and designed specifically for the mortgage industry, these e-Learning modules are truly an “essential” mortgage industry recruiting resource.

About EMAC Recruiting Academy
EMAC Recruiting Academy is used by companies of all sizes, from Fortune 500 to start-ups.
EMAC Recruiting Academy Launches New Loan Officer Recruiting e-Learning Platform
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