Best Web Hosting Companies: Finding the Suitable Host for You

August 12, 2017
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Are you hungry for some information regarding the best web hosting companies? Searching a good web hosting company is like trying to find a perfectly clear needle amidst the bunch of rusted needles. There are lots of web hosting companies out there, and with the huge amount of companies, the shadier ones do exist. If you do not do your research before contacting a representative of said web company, there is a chance that you will be scammed. No one likes a scammer and no one wants to be tricked. That is why I am here writing for you about this. The importance of this article is paramount of you do not want to get tricked. I will only list you the best of the best and these companies I listed will certainly have little to no chance of scamming their customers.

Because I do not want to waste any time, here I go with the first company in the list:

Okay, this one is not actually a ‘company’ in a traditional sense. It is a good host for your websites though. What this site does is giving you a chance to create your own website. Judging by the name only, you can be sure that this company is there to help you create websites for your companies or for personal use. Features such as free domain and free email is like the norm for companies in this department, and this company is not exempt from the rule.

You get to choose a free domain provided by this company for your website and you would only need to drag and drop things to design your page. If even drag and drop is too burdensome for you, they also provide templates for you to choose from.


When other companies will only give you no more than three packages of hosting plan, this company has six plans for you to choose from. The cheapest one is sitting at 8 US dollars per month. For the cheapest one, you will get 20 GB of disk space and 2 TB of bandwidth, which is not bad at all. The most expensive one, sitting at 156 US dollars per month, will give you 1 TB of disk space and 24 TB for bandwidth. I know those are hard to resist, but 156 per month can be pretty harsh on the wallet. Still, do your own research on your monetary capabilities before delving into the last package.


This last one is very popular for other brands, designers, and top bloggers out there (or at least they said it is). Their claim is not without proof of their capabilities though. They have three types of hosting plans and their three hosting plans have their own regular, pro, and something above pro. Take for example their ‘Managed WordPress’ plan. Within the plan are two options to choose from: the pro and personal. In their ‘Shared Hosting’ plan, there are personal, pro, and elite, again with three different prices. This is possibly the most ‘elastic’ and are forgiving in the option department. Each option are deliberately explained, so first-timers should not get confused with the plans.

I guess that is all about it. Pray, use this article on best web hosting companies as your reference if you are searching for the best as it will do only good for both of us.
Best Web Hosting Companies: Finding the Suitable Host for You
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