Hiring a party planner – is it really a good idea?

October 13, 2017
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The word "manager" refers to the profession of the person who manages the processes, a responsible person for organizing a particular procedure. Now, managers can be called at once several people in the company: the one who manages the whole department of employees (the HR manager, who works with staff), the person, who is responsible for receiving calls and entering clients into the database (sales manager).

This indicates a too broad meaning of the word. It turns out that the manager can be named both a low-ranking employee and one who manages all the organization’s processes.  What does the "manager" occupation require?

The teachers teach pupils, cookers cook the delicious dishes, the professionals from edu birdie write the high-quality science papers and the event-managers organize and plan the fascinating time for other people. Since the instruction of the manager prescribes to the employee occupying this position, the responsibilities of organizing and regulating various processes, such person must have a number of qualities that contribute to this.

These include the responsibility, serious intentions, and punctuality of the person which would help him to clearly and accurately conduct all processes, understanding their essence and significance. In addition, the "manager" profession requires the ability to establish contacts with people, because the organizer should be able to communicate and convince. However, each specialist is required to understand how the market is structured, what are the consequences of each his action and what should he expect in the future.

The party planner must also be able to keep everything under control, to understand how the work of another specialist with whom he cooperates is realized.It goes without saying, the manager’s functions also presuppose the ability to predict and calculate in advance when this or that work will be done, whether it will be delivered on time and whether it will be possible to finish everything before the event.

The need for organizing holidays and celebrations is a proper tradition of our people – they require a cheerful and bright celebration of various holidays and significant days.And if it is not difficult for close friends to create a cheerful atmosphere (especially when the number of participants is small), then it is not easy to organize a celebration that everyone would like for unfamiliar people.

Let’s imagine a wedding with 300 guests: do you think it’s easy to please everyone? In this case, there are various companies and organizations that help in organizing the celebration. They employ people who care about the creating of a festive mood.

Everything that is required from you is to pay for their services and enjoy the event. Organizers of holidays will take care of both the entertainment program and about food, drinks, sweets and other things that will be required at the same time. Event-manager will be able to do all of this. Their competence includes the synchronization of the whole processes in such a way that the guests liked the party.In fact, the need for such specialists has always existed, because it is quite difficult to organize the celebration or any event professionally.

One thing – if you realize the preferences of your guests and can easily pick up what everyone likes; another – when you are next to unfamiliar people. This is where similar specialists are needed.In general, the name "event-manager" came from an event. If you literally translate the name of this occupation, you will get the position of the person who organizes and manages with events and celebrations. In fact, this is what they are doing.

Note that the duties of event-manager are not only the booking of an institution, the selection of attendants and meals, which has to be served but also a number of other difficult points.For example, he must choose the topic of the holiday, the style in which the hall will be decorated, and even count the number of balloons needed for the interior decor.

If the event manager does not do this, then he should find a professional designer and make sure that he handles everything perfectly. Perhaps, at one glance, it will seem a simple task, but it’s not easy at all. Each link of the chain – a photographer, a toastmaster or a company selling balloons – can sum up with a term or with the cost of providing services. The task of the manager is to correct everything and other mistakes to make the celebration perfect for guests.

Approaches of the holiday’s organizer are to do everything that is dictated by his duties, every event manager should develop his own approach to the tasks. For instance, he can create a celebration plan by himself, and to approve it with customers, coordinate everything with them and only after that start realizing.

Another option is to collect information how the client would like to see his celebration, whether he has any individual wishes and so on.If a party is created for the staff of the company or firm, it is worth to clarify the preferences of the majority, as well as about how the previous celebrations were held, to avoid the repeating. It goes without saying that the person who occupies this post must demonstrate a real flexibility and the ability to adapt to any situation.

Unfortunately, any professional courses will not teach to become a well-qualified event manager. This experience can be obtained only in a practical way.  If you still hesitate worth it hiring the event-manager to prepare a celebration for you or not, undoubtedly – worth. Give them a possibility to do their work and decide the necessity of them by yourself.

Each event, planned and held by the event manager, adds a million ideas and ideas for the next event to his moneybox. And this is a special plus in working with a skillful event-manager. The specialist will always study and explore new ideas, products, trends, and tendencies, and then work on the way how to apply all this knowledge for each specific event.

With his advice, the event manager will help the client achieve the desired effect from the event. In the client’s head, a false vision of the event arises in terms of the lack of experience. For example, when a customer dreams of holding an event for 1000 people in an event format designed for only 200, the organizer will warn the client in advance of a possible failure of such an idea and always offer an alternative option.

In fact, the experience is the difference between a professional and an amateur is. A chef at a restaurant can cook a specialty dish in a matter of minutes because he does it every day. It is his job. If the beginner decided to cook exactly the same dish, at least, it took him much more time. The same logic applies to event-managers.

It’s their job – what they do best, in less time with the desired result.As a result, by hiring an event manager, the client saves his time, nerves and money. But any customer will not refuse to save once again.Where can you find the organizer of your own celebration? Looking for those who help you held a significant event at a high level, you need to consider your financial capabilities.

If you are an ordinary employee whose salary is not high enough, it’s foolish to apply to the largest international agency for help.As a rule, they work with companies on the level of "Apple" company, celebrating corporate parties.For the organization of private events with a small number of guests it is recommended to contact private event-managers who already deserve some glory, but do not take too much for their services. At least, you’ll get a quality organization at an affordable price.
Hiring a party planner – is it really a good idea?
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