The Key to Winning at Facebook Video Marketing

October 18, 2017
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Facebook Marketing is Number One

Facebook is the most beneficial tool as far as marketing is concerned for small businesses today. It is the best for interacting with your brand community as well as attracting new customers. Anyone who is a part of the Facebook community is able to post videos to their page. This can be done by computer, laptop, tablet or even a smart phone.

According to an infographic from BusinessBacker, when you shoot a video that is intended to be posted to your Facebook page, it is best to shoot your video vertically for the viewers’ best viewing pleasure. It is also suggested to keep the video 2 minutes or shorter so that you do not lose viewers’ interest.

You will want to add text to your video as many Facebook users view videos on their timeline without sound. You want the viewers to know exactly what’s going on and what’s being promoted or advertised even if they are not able to hear the video. Even though you can upload videos from YouTube and other sites, it is the most effective to upload videos directly to Facebook as they will get the most views and shares then videos that are not uploaded to Facebook directly.

Don’t be afraid to ask viewers for their feedback, ask them to leave comments, send new messages or possibly even emails, but you know what they liked did not like any suggestions or ideas they may have. View your statistics regularly to see what topics and what videos are bringing in the most views so that in the future you can make more of those videos that contain what people are interested in the most.

Provide rewards, giveaways and discounts to your viewers to keep them coming back for more. This can be a way to hell gain new viewers, clients and customers. Someone that may not necessarily be interested in one subject, product or service offered at that time, will visit your video due to your offered perks and then may become a fan and view videos and utilize your services or products in the future.

The Key to Winning at Facebook Video Marketing
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