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Let the Kitties Do the Talking; Workplace Gift Leaves Cat Lovers Purring

January 12, 2018
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WebGage Commerce Inc. releases a latest ‘cat’ version of their popular office gifts ‘MoodyCards’.


New cat-themed desk accessory takes offices by storm.

Appropriately called ‘Kitty Moodycards’, the new cards feature a variety of funny cat pictures with complemented messages. Each booklet has over 20 flip-card images of cats in different poses and expressions.

"There’s simply nothing funnier than a cat," says Marty Gagnon creator of MoodyCards, "they are expressive, adorable, and very polarizing…you either love or hate them. Either way, they generate attention which is exactly what we’re going for…"

Used as a desk accessory, the cards reveal one’s mood through the pictures. Each message represents what the cats are either doing, thinking or feeling.

"If you’re not having a good day, stressed, sick or just want to be left alone…what better way to tell your coworkers how you’re feeling through the image of an angry cat!" says Mr. Gagnon, "let the cats do the talking…tell your office how you are doing without having to say one word."

A best seller on Amazon.com, the cards were a popular gift this holiday season.

"It’s really the perfect office gift for a coworker or colleague and it’s great for both cat lovers and haters. We relate and connect so deeply with these furry little creatures that it doesn’t matter how you feel about them," says Mr. Gagnon. "Every desk in your workplace can have a cat Moodycard with a different mood or message, that’s what makes them so fun."

Each booklet contains multiple moods and messages that are office environment specific, such as: Longest Day Ever, It’s Friday, I’m New Here, I love My Team, On a Break, I’m Swamped, etc. The images and combined connotation cover the gamut of how one may feel throughout a regular workday.

"The pictures are what make these cards so popular," adds Mr. Gagnon. "We captured lots of different unique expressions in our cat images and each one very clearly illustrates its intended purpose. Some cards are also just outright funny, with the simple goal of making you laugh."

"Ultimately, the mission with these cards is to brighten up your workplace, and bring a little fun to your day."

Moodycards are currently sold exclusively on Amazon.com.

For more information, contact
MoodyCards c/o WebGage Commerce Inc.
748 – 916 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC, Canada,
V5Z 1K7,
Email support(at)moodycard.com
or visit http://www.moodycard.com.

About Moodycards
In 2011, a natural born prankster, Marty Gagnon, funnelled his brand of humour through the creation of Moodycards. The mission was simple; make people laugh at the office. Moodycards now offer 5 different versions of their product line and continue to be one of the top selling office gifts on Amazon.com.
Let the Kitties Do the Talking; Workplace Gift Leaves Cat Lovers Purring
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