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How to know if it is Silver or another metal

February 13, 2018
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The silver in its natural state is very malleable (soft) so the artisans cannot work with it and when wearing it will be deformed. For this you have to mix it with other metals and give it a greater resistance. The "law" is the proportion in weight in which the pure precious metal enters into an alloy with other metals. The purity of the silver is measured in thousandths; thus 1000 thousandths is equivalent to a piece of 100% pure silver. In the market, the following laws are used: 950, 925, 900 and 800.

And from there comes the famous 925 mm. In most cases and Silver Cachitos also, silver jewelry is made with 925 sterling silver because, as I explained in the previous paragraph, the silver used is mixed with another metal. The most used is copper; that is, 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper.

The fact that it bears the 925 mark is a guarantee of its composition and quality. In Cachitos de Plata all our pieces are marked unless their small size runs the risk of badly forming the jewel. The Silver is marked with an instrument called a punch which has the number 925 on its tip.

These are some questions that our customers always ask us, how can I know if what I buy is silver? The Silver Cachitos Jewelry is silver? We always respond in the same way, yes, our silver is 925, is silver originating in Mexico. But even so, today I have dedicated myself to making this little post to give some tips to prove it.

Sterling silver means that for every 1000 milligrams that weighs a piece 925 ml It is pure silver and the rest 75 milligrams is another metal, in our case it is copper. Since pure silver is very malleable (soft) and you cannot work with it, that is why it is mixed, and copper gives it hardness so that our craftsmen can create these beautiful jewels. Hence, people may have allergies, it is not the silver that can cause that dermatitis, but the alloy, so in Silver Cachitos we always use copper since it is a metal that does not cause allergies.


Now, how to differentiate our silver or some silver jewel that you have, from others with a bath in silver, a plating or another metal that has the same appearance of silver? The Silver Jewelry must have a seal marked with a guarantee with the number 925, although if it does not wear it, do not worry, because it could be that due to its size or design it has not been possible to mark it. The price is also an important factor since the pieces of silver have a minimum value that is quoted on the stock exchange per gram, like gold, if you are going to buy a silver jewel and you are surprised that it is very cheap to find out if it is sterling silver or a simple bathroom.

Another simple trick is that silver jewelry is not attracted by a magnet. silver is very malleable, so a trick, but one that must be done with great care, is for example to bend the little stick of a button earring, rockerring little by little (very carefully). You will see that you can easily put it back in its place. If it is not silver it will be very hard or it will end up breaking.

The silver is oxidized with prolonged contact of the air and with the sweat of a person , a piece of silver should be easily cleaned with a product or simply with soap and water and should return to its original tone without having any change, if not it is not silver. If you have any piece that you can scratch (very carefully) you will see that the tone of the jewel should be the same, if you notice that it changes color where you have scratched a copper color for example, it will be a piece bathed in silver . And the simplest of all is if we know any trustworthy jewelry that can test us and ensure its authenticity. We hope that we have helped you a little to know this precious metal and that it will be of help for your next purchases of Silver.

How to know if it is Silver or another metal
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