4 Ways to Be a Better Communicator and More Present in Conversations

June 13, 2018
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What do you get when you cross a smartphone with the act of snubbing someone? “Phubbing.”

That’s not just a punchline — the word is defined in multiple dictionaries, and close to 44 percent of people do it more than twice a day, according to research from the University of Kent. Phubbing negatively affects the way people perceive communication and their satisfaction with a relationship significantly, according to additional research from the university.

Although technology has had a positive impact on communication in many ways, it can also make in-person communication more challenging. The good news: We’ve got tips for revamping your communication skills from the ground up.

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1. Be specific (but not over-specific).

Specificity is the key to unlock effective communication. The problem: Finding the right balance can be tricky. Too few specifics can mean sacrificing clarity, while too many can be seen as condescending. If you lean towards over-explaining, instead of assuming the other person doesn’t know something, try going with, “You probably already know this, so if you do, stop me.”

To set the tone for your conversation, think about your audience and their history, experience and level of understanding. For example, if you’re starting your own ice cream company, you’ll want to tailor your pitch differently to someone in Antarctica vs. someone in Ecuador.

When you’re talking expectations, it’s especially important to make sure everyone’s on the same page, so ask for confirmation by way of a follow-up question. For example, managers can trade “Repeat what I said back to me,” for “Based on what we talked about, can you tell me what your next steps might be?” says Skip Weisman, a workplace communication expert.


4 Ways to Be a Better Communicator and More Present in Conversations
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