The File is not Valid 32-Bit Application Error Message

June 13, 2018
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The File is not Valid 32-Bit Application Error Message
If you are experiencing a problem where the program you are trying to run is missing or even corrupted. In this case, Windows might not be able to run the file properly, and then the operating system will generate an error message File is not a valid 32-bit application.

Usually, the error is about the executable file not being a valid 32-bit application, so it is very clear that the system has a big problem. However, there are many ways to get things back on the right track.

It might be possible that while the program was being downloaded, the executable file was automatically corrupted. There are several other reasons such as download failed to complete; it’s not compatible with the latest version of Windows.

We always recommended you to download executable files from the primary source or the official homepage for the safety of your system and save yourself from troubles.

Steps to Fix Error Message File is not a Valid 32-bit Application

The very first step to fix this error is to delete the program and re-download it again from the sources on the internet. Once confirm it that the process is completely 100 percent before trying to install. If that does not work, then try to download it from some other different web-pages on the internet.

Another option is that if you have a CD/DVD with the program laying around, then it is a very good idea to try and install it by the use of physical media. These days no one can make use of the physical media,

If the Program is Already Installed but Unable to Open
If you are facing the issue with an already installed program that worked before, then first we need to verify carefully that it has not been deleted. We tend to open applications from a shortcut, and there are times when a file is removed, then the shortcut doesn’t go with it.

The other step is to check that do you dealing with a corrupted or damaged hard drive? Then this might cause functioning apps to fail. In this situation, we highly recommend you to use Disk Defragmentation and Disk Error Checking process to check your drive is running at optimal performance or not.

After checking, if the problem is not that, then there are more chances that you are dealing with a bad file. Check that any file of the association might be changed to .exe. Always make sure that you download an executed file then it is always a .exe format.

The File is not associated with the Right Program

When it comes down to the Windows operating system, then each file extension is directly associated with a program. Whether it will be .exe,.png, .txt, .jpg, .zip, and many more, they always require a default program to open them.

It might be a reason that you are dealing with a situation where the wrong program is assigned to you, and as such, it is prudent to check that if it is indeed the case and makes the necessary changes.

Virus or Malware Infection could be the Issue
In the worst case, your computer might infect with a virus, trojan, worm, or malware attacks. If the reason is this, then your anti-virus has completed its job due to a virus-infected executable file is unable to run, then the anti-virus has stopped it in its tracks.

Once check your anti-virus program to see that your antivirus has been quarantined, and also take some necessary steps to remove it from the computer.

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The File is not Valid 32-Bit Application Error Message
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