9 SEO Tools That You Should Be Using

September 14, 2018
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SEO, the mother of all online marketing tools, has been the changing the landscape of content marketing ever since its introduction. Concocted in early 1990, and now a standard for the tech-savvy generation, SEO has steadily adjusted and adapted to new standards and practices.

There are ways to get an extra leg up on best SEO practices with some easy and often free tools. If you aren’t using these SEO tools yet, it’s never too late to expand your strategy.

  1. Google Analytics

This tool may seem self-explanatory if you know anything at all about the internet. Google is simply the best and most expansive search engine on the market, and its analytics are generally spot on when you want a full scope of how your content is performing.

Google Analytics will help you with the best times to post and what specifically readers and searchers are responding to or are more likely to notice.

   2.  Google Pagespeed Insights

Speaking of Google, this handy tool will help with SEO performance in a multitude of ways. By entering the URL, Insights will test overall performance, loading time, (on desktop and mobile) will give you pointers on how to improve, (and what you’re doing right) and grade your format. If you’re looking for a full scope of your website’s performance, this is the ultimate tool.

   3.  Moz Local Listing Score

Hardly do we talk about SEO best practices without bringing up Moz. Moz uses multiple sources to optimize how your content performs online in places like Google and Facebook. It then identifies inconsistent or incomplete content.

  4. Keywordtool.io

You guessed it, this tool will help you choose appropriate and well performing keywords. You can compare with the more in-depth Google Keyword planner and see which works best for your website’s needs.

 5. Google Trends

Yes, this is the 4th mention of Google, but it can’t be helped that they create some of the best tools for SEO. Google Trends will help you to see the impression of your content over time.

 6. SimilarWeb

To identify and understand your competition, start using SimilarWeb, which pits your content against your biggest competitors, showing you graphed results side by side in a number of categories.

 7. Browseo

This is one of the most useful tools for SEO– showing how your website appears in a search– and can open your eyes to format problems you might not have known you had.

 8. Find Broken Links

Eliminating broken links will keep your website clean and efficient, which is what users (and you!) want. This tool will find any internal and external links that need fixing.

 9. Ahref’s Site Explorer and Backlink Checker

Ahref’s is another widely used tool and is great in reviewing your content and website overall including all pages and links.

Don’t fall behind other websites because you don’t have the tools, take your SEO to the next level. Dive into HQ SEO for more tips on how to improve your marketing strategy!

9 SEO Tools That You Should Be Using
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