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Green Circle Health Recognized as Human Resources and Healthcare Industry Innovator by Healthcare Revolution

November 8, 2018
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Green Circle Health (GCH) announced that the company has been recognized at HEALTHCARE ЯEVOLUTION as one of the most innovative healthcare companies of 2018. GCH is the provider of the GCH platform, a web- and mobile-based service for employers to engage staff to better utilize company benefits and services, and for employees and their families to manage health records, improve physical, emotional and financial wellness to lower overall healthcare costs.


In its inaugural year, the 2018 Innovation Awards recognize leading, disruptive organizations and agents of change transforming the employer benefits, medical tourism and healthcare industries. This year’s award recipients were evaluated and selected by executives from Global Healthcare Resources, as well as editors and journalists of Corporate Wellness Magazine and Medical Tourism Magazine. Founder and CEO Dinesh Sheth accepted the award on behalf of GCH at the conference.

“The healthcare and human resources industries have converged significantly over the last several years as employers try to bridge the gap between their employees and healthcare technology designed to help them and their families live healthier lives, thus reducing overall company costs and improving productivity,” said Dinesh Sheth, CEO of Green Circle Health. “All of the honorees recognized by Global Healthcare Resources have made noteworthy industry contributions and are not only positioned for success, but to improve the lives of millions as well.” 

About Green Circle Health

Green Circle Health (GCH) is the provider of the GCH Platform, a web- and mobile-based service for employers to centralize all HR benefits and services into a single app for employees and their families. The platform also allows staff and their family members to manage healthcare records, participate in wellness challenges, biometric screening, condition management, remote healthcare monitoring, coordination of care and make meaningful lifestyle changes to improve overall health outcomes, thus improving productivity, profitability and lowering overall healthcare costs.  For more information, visit www.greencirclehealth.com and follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn.
Green Circle Health Recognized as Human Resources and Healthcare Industry Innovator by Healthcare Revolution
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