How to Find a Digital Marketing Agency That Will Get Results

November 8, 2018
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Choosing the right digital marketing agency that will not only get us the desired results but help us adjust to market changes is not an easy task. In fact, when our money and time are on the line, we ought to be cautious. Some agencies will promise the world to us but fail to deliver on that promise. Moreover, there are those that claim to employ only the best experts — yet somehow, our numbers are going down.

But that’s all about to change now because we’re here to help everyone find a digital marketing agency that will get them the results they’re after. What’s more, we’ll even show how a good digital marketing agency looks like, basing our judgment on Scott Keever SEO, a leader in this industry.

In the beginning, there was only a wish

We’ve probably wondered from the very first day since we’ve started our business what it would be like to conquer the online world. We’ve wished for more clients, better search engine rankings and a website that keeps on giving. Yet sometimes, our wishes are not specific enough. We don’t know what we want, so we cannot possibly find the right digital marketing agency.

Therefore, before going out and looking for one, we need to convert our wishes into realistic goals. If we want a great-looking website and full SEO experience, we need an expert at that. Meanwhile, if social media management is our focus, we need someone who knows how to follow trends and interpret the ever-changing algorithms of the most popular social networks.

The point is — we need to start with what we want and then consider who can provide us with the best solution. Only then can we hope to find an agency that will know exactly how to boost our position on the market and increase our revenue.

Look for:

Agencies that serve as proof of their expertise

There are various digital marketing agencies out there, and they all claim to be something unique on the market. However, only the best ones know how to show off their expertise by using the same techniques with which they’ll help us.

Let’s take Scott Keever SEO as an example here. One look at the website tells us that we’re dealing with an expert. Clean web design, great response rate, user-friendliness — it has it all.

Moreover, the About Us page gives us another hint that this could be the right digital marketing agency for us. Instead of promising the highest possible rankings, Scott simply says that he’s the best looking guy in Miami. One Google search later and we’re converted — this SEO expert actually shows up on Google with that title, purely because of his incredible skills.

And that’s exactly why it’s crucial to check out the websites first. If a digital marketing agency cannot make their own brand desirable enough for everyone to click on it, how would they go about making ours?

Agencies that are not too cheap

Of course, we don’t want to demolish our marketing budget completely. Yet we need to carefully walk along that thin line between affordable and cheap. Some agencies will try to entice us with incredible offers and promotions. More often than not, those agencies don’t know what they’re doing. In fact, some of them are pure scams.

But how do we know which ones are good? It’s actually simple — digital marketing agencies like know how to value their expertise. Thus, they won’t have the lowest prices possible, purely because they can get us the results we want.

If that’s not proof enough, reviews and testimonials are always helpful. Scott has quite a few favorable ones, which helped us form an opinion about them. However, more often than not, we can find someone who’s personally used their services and talk to them. If their review is positive, then we’ve got ourselves a strong candidate.

Agencies that are committed to their clients

Just like we’re committed to our clients, we will want to find a digital marketing agency that will go with us through thick and thin. Because of that, before opting for one, we need to see how they treat their clients.

During the first meeting with a potential agency, we’ll get all the information we need. If they have a clear strategy in mind and show genuine interest in helping us, that’s a huge plus. Moreover, if they are committed to helping us find a solution for our woes by working together with us on various projects, we’ve struck gold. Another pro would be if we could find an agency that deals with our industry specifically. Of course, if they don’t, that’s not a dealbreaker. But given the fact that content drives digital marketing, it doesn’t hurt to have another industry expert on our side.

Red flags we should pay attention to

When looking for the best digital marketing agency, it’s not just about what they’ll do for us. It’s also crucial to interpret all those promises they make and figure out whether or not they’re even real.

If an agency promises:

●     An incredible boost in rankings, possibly even in just a few weeks,

●     A huge increase in traffic (i.e., they’re mainly focusing on web traffic),

●     The use of only the latest digital marketing tools, with an emphasis on automation, etc.,

A range of different digital marketing packages, all sorted into their price categories according to various features,

then it’s best to continue our search. A significant boost in rankings won’t happen in just a few weeks because it’s not that easy. Good digital marketing agencies know not to promise that, as it’s usually impossible. Instead, they promise they’ll add value to our business.

Furthermore, a web traffic boost is a good idea, but a huge one is probably down to our website showing up in unrelated searches to people who don’t need our services. Those marketing tools most agencies use are important. However, if an agency only relies on automation and lets the computer run its business, then why are we paying them to help us?

Finally, one of the best things about digital marketing is that we don’t have to opt for a one-size-fits-all solution. In fact, if we are serious about digital marketing and we want to help our business flourish, then customized services are what we should be looking for.

Final thoughts

Some of the best digital marketing agencies out there know that false promises won’t get them anywhere. Still, there are those that keep on making false claims, hoping to empty our wallets.

Therefore, we need to be smart about this process and tread carefully. By using these tips and paying attention to the message these agencies are conveying, we won’t have a difficult time finding the right one for our business.
How to Find a Digital Marketing Agency That Will Get Results
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