Next Play: Advanced AI Delivers Breakthrough in Helping Employees Share Experience & Value

December 7, 2018
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Next Play’s application launches today. The advanced AI app personalizes career and leadership development for enterprise employees at Lyft, Asurion, Splunk, and Square to name a few.

“For the first time ever, it’s an employees’ market, and employees want to be invested in. The young want purpose and mentorship. They want companies to invest in them and their aspirations as individuals. These aren’t perks, these are necessities,” said Charu Sharma, Founder of, backed by LinkedIn’s SVP Engineering, 500 Startups and Techcrunch’s former CEO. can help by connecting these eager to grow mentees to untapped mentors at their own company who can give contextual advice, expand the mentee’s network within the company, and foster a sense of belonging at the workplace.

As a SaaS application, the centralized AI software at Next Play processes all employee input, makes immediate mentorship recommendations and nudges mentors and mentees to have high quality conversations. According to Next Play, over 90 percent of Ellen matches stay in contact beyond their first three mentor/mentee meetings, a remarkable success rate in the mentorship arena. The proof of Ellen’s efficacy lies with its beta testers. After six months of use, employees had 218% more clarity towards their career path and felt 178% more equipped to achieve their goals within their company. The numbers seem hard to resist when users estimate a 25 percent boost in employees recommending their company to potential hires and an average saving of $162,500 per employee in hiring costs and lost revenue thanks to in-company mentoring.

The timing for increasing opportunities at scale could not be more ideal or needed. Ellen is a method for exposing latent skills and a pathway to their speedy development. It is, in a sense, a way for people to discover and exploit their superpowers. The young need to find those superpowers more than ever.

The line between work and life is increasingly blurry, and employees now seek friendships, purpose and learning on the job. If a company institutionalizes mentorship and enables their employees to have the right career conversations with internal mentors, then the next career step for a lot of employees will materialize within the same company. The potential for boosting retention through effective mentorship systematized at scale is amazing, especially for women and underrepresented people.
Next Play: Advanced AI Delivers Breakthrough in Helping Employees Share Experience & Value
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