How Do I Get A Career In IT Security?

February 12, 2019
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Getting a job in IT security is no easy feat. There are many paths that can get you there, but it takes a lot of studying. However, your hard work will pay off because today IT security is one of the most well paid IT professions out there today. With the imminent threat of an increased number of cyber attacks, and hackers arming themselves with better technology, jobs in this department are booming.

If you happen to have been in trouble with the police already, then this probably isn’t the career path that you should consider taking. Obviously, you can study IT security, but applying for a job in any large businesses is out of the question. They always ask for a police clearance certificate.

That does not mean the doors are closed to you. As long as you are a reformed character and you want to help protect people’s businesses from hackers, then there are plenty of jobs in IT security in small companies.

What Qualifications Do I Need?

 There are several paths you can take to get your foot in the door at least. There is nothing better than on job training. As the IT security jobs market has so many available positions at this time, you will just need a few certificates to land a trainee job.

Here are some of your options:

  • Take a Computer Science Degree
  • Study Online Using Certified Course Providers
  • Take a Diploma in IT Security

If you are still at school and this is the field of work you interested in participating in, then the world is your oyster. Make sure you do well in your IT courses. When it is time to leave school, look for courses that specialize in IT security specifically rather than a computer science course.

Or look for a diploma that covers IT in general and includes IT security in its curriculum. Look out for modules that include VPN software, IT security, and so on. You will also likely study web design, hardware and software, and some business aspects to the course.

These courses are perfect for those just coming out of school education because they will provide you with a good overview of how IT systems work together. Having an overall understanding of every aspect of IT will serve you well in the future if you want to become successful in IT.

After this, you can then look at specific courses in security. Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE) Courses or Cisco Certified Network Analyst (CCNA) courses are some of the best professional qualifications you can gain in this line of work. You can also look at security features from companies such as les meilleurs VPN.

How Do I Find A Job In IT Security?

Finding a job in IT is no different from finding any other job. You can look online using jobs databases or use a recruitment agency. As long as you are ready for trainee role and a low salary to kick start your career you will be fine. After around 2 years of work experience under your belt, you will be ready to demand a higher salary and a better position within the company that pays more.

A word of advice just to finish off. When you do choose to take a job in this line of work, make sure you continuously study and try to add to your qualifications and knowledge. IT is always changing, and if you stay on top of your game, then you will eventually land a very well paid job in a large firm that will reward you well for your expertise.
How Do I Get A Career In IT Security?
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