In 2019, let HR focus on talent not paperwork

February 12, 2019
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Happy 2019! Like every organization I’ve seen, your HR department’s hiring budget probably didn’t increase 20% yet you’re being asked to recruit increasingly scarce talent, put together programs to retain them and improve the employee experience. It’s incredibly hard to find and retain world-class talent – what’s an HR department to do?

Figure out what you won’t do in 2020

I believe we’ve entered an era of permanent scarcity of talent. As a result, one of HR’s top priorities in 2019 must be to create a plan that identifies activities that HR personnel can stop doing in 2020 so that they can focus on what matters – talent. It’s something HR [and organizational] leaders rarely prioritize but it’s critical. At some point, you simply cannot do more with less; to get high-priority things done, you have to actually do less.

Start with your own back office operations


I’ve helped dozens of customers in every vertical get started with digital transformation. Without exception, one of the “discoveries” they make is that employees have been wasting a lot of time on unproductive tasks like routine paperwork, chasing down signatures and manually correcting errors. These manual, back-office tasks are like a self-imposed tax on your operations and automating them is one of the quickest and surest paths to focusing your employees on productive tasks

Think about it: if your HR department didn’t have to deal with a stack paper forms to onboard each new hire, how much time would they save? In my experience, several hours. That’s time they could dedicate to the far more valuable tasks you hired them for – talent acquisition and retention programs.

Automation pays enormous dividends

You already take advantage of automated core processes in your daily life – from airport kiosks to electronic toll booths. The same opportunity exists right in your HR department. As an HR leader, write down a plan that identifies the manual, redundant tasks that employees perform every single day and figure out how you’ll eliminate them. I bet you’ll find numerous daily processes from new hire onboarding to time-off requests to performance appraisals that are ripe for automation.

Automating these processes is about driving 50% or greater cost reductions in your HR operations and literally changing what your people do on a daily basis. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime.

Modern, visual tools make it easy

The best part is: you no longer need to hire costly programmers. Modern, drag-and-drop platforms offer easy and affordable process automation. It’s so easy to do that anyone can do it not just coders.

As an HR leader, you owe it to your team to free them from tedious paperwork so they have more time to focus on strategic business initiatives like world-class talent, a collaborative workforce and corporate citizenship.

In 2019, let HR focus on talent not paperwork
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