Career Path to Becoming a Wedding Planner

February 17, 2019
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The wise men say that it is not we are choosing the profession, but the profession chooses us. This saying is easy to understand for creative people. They cannot imagine themselves daily sitting in a static position and looking at the monitor processing multiple data but strive to escape from boring obligations and plunge into the area of the interest. The point of «inconsistency» between you and your profession you can easily verify with inspiration: are you aspired for doing your work or you just have to implement your professional duty?

One can ask what is for so long preface to the career of the wedding planner. We have at least two arguments. Thus, appealing to philosophy at the beginning is aimed at emphasizing the following:

–    Wedding Planner career is not for everybody, it is the process of art challenging all the ways of creativity; and, thus, if the process does not inspire you, you just sentenced to professional tortures and further unavoidable failure.

– If you are inspired with the festive fuss with all its manifestations, interested in fashion tendencies, traditional and modern art, design, have excellent aesthetic taste, managing and communicational skills – you are innate Wedding Planner.

–    Verifying the inner vocation and initial potential should be your very first step toward the Wedding Planner career!!! Making the rational choice of profession (because it is popular and well-paid) may be not good adviser and push you in the hell were you risk to become melted:) The persons who choose by feelings have all the chance to find themselves in the epicenter of the paradise and have unique opportunity to decorate it more with the own potential!

So, you are sure that your professional appointment is being the Wedding Planner, what is next? We found out that you have some significant initial set of individual features, but for sure they require a thorough improvement and adjusting to the chosen career path. To know what you should develop and from where to start, you have to know all the nuances of Wedding Planner’s profession.

With this issue, we can help you a little, highlighting the core functions of the wedding planners.  The primary function is “to organize” or “to plan” and it refers to multiple practical steps:

1. Looking for the golden middle between unlimited couple’s desires and the limited budget they are ready to provide for organizing the wedding ceremony. Consider that it is said about budgeting as the process of optimal redistributing the financial sources, not just free spending the money. Although there may be rare cases when the wedding planner has just a vast of tasks and no limitations in spending, these cases are rather exceptions than rules. Mostly, the primary task is in finding ways to meet the couple’s best expectations within the established budget.
2. Choosing the best place for a wedding ceremony! You may say just now “It is not a problem, I know a few of magnificent places”. It is great, but ask yourself whether your couple also will consider them suitable, whether these places consonant with the conception of the ceremony, whether they could accommodate the needed number of guests, whether they can offer an excellent catering service, etc. Before you start finding out all these aspects, ask if this restaurant is free on your wedding date.  We hope now you understand the essence of this function.
3. Involving the best specialists and making them cooperate with each other as harmoniously as possible. You may be surprised but as the wedding planner, you should find the designers, florists, musicians, stylists, photographers, lighting professionals and the vast amount of the others (regardless the desire of your couple). However, the finding is a half of a business – the more important issue is to explain the wedding conception and control following it by each of them; provide the cooperation of different persons in favor of an ultimate wedding goal
4.  Refining vendors. There are a lot of suppliers who are ready provide you with the needed good, but when you have the exact profile of these items it can occur impossible to find this species of particular color, size, material or in the required terms. One asks the sky-high price but offers the low quality, another has the offers but haven’t the needed item – it is the holiday’s fuss.
5. Preparing the couple. The closeness of your participation in the process of creating bride and bridegroom’s images, writing their wedding vows, choosing the special song  – all these aspects are determined by your clients. Be sure, even if you are not responsible for some areas you will be involved in discussions about fitting the bridegroom’s buttonhole to the conceptual color hues. Be ready to supportive and objective, but tolerant.
6. Work with guest: inviting, accommodation, assisting, transferring. The wedding planner is responsible for everything starting from designing wedding cards, sending them, setting the guest in the wedding hall, providing the reservation of the rooms and transport from or to the airport (any other point of departure or arrival). Many functions, which should be agreed with the couple to know what you should do since this set of options can vary.
7. Wedding schedule: A planner is a single person who knows what goes first, what is the next and in such a way during the whole wedding day. You are on duty this day but you should be almost invisible like the magic elfin who create the mysterious spirit of the moment intangibly.
8. The responsibility for the gifts. The gifts are presented to the couple but to make possible for your clients enjoy them you should care about their safe preservation during the ceremony and carrying to the couple’s home or any other chosen place.
9. Vanishing the tracks and releasing the space for the next somebody ’s miracle. Yes, for the couple their best day (if you succeeded as a wedding planner) come to end. For you, there are many tasks and ruining the beauty, which was created by your own hands, is the most complicated of them. DE montage of decorations, delivering them to the supplier (if they were rented),  
10. Final calculations and reporting.

Summing up, you need the following list of skills:
1.    Excellent time-management;
2.    Outstanding communication skills, including persuasive and crisis communication.
3. High level of emotional intelligence, which allow you balancing your own emotions in the condition of high tension and regulating the emotional state of the others
4.     Perseverance and endurance, ability to work in a highly dynamic environment
5.    Creativity: you should be able to go beyond the border of triviality
6.    Flexibility: needed for perceiving the stand of the others not only yours
7.    Effective processing of the information and ability to refine the primary issues from the minor ones
8.    Progressive thinking, being in course of innovative approaches
9. Knowing the wedding market, have the actual information about all the venue and vendors

Evidently, it is impossible to grasp the immensity just in one article, because of this we recommend you to visit a few workshops which are often proposed by the sharps of the wedding business. Participation the various presentations devoted to success stories or the products like the latest GS Diamonds master-class could widen your idea about the career of the wedding planner and inspire on looking your own way for success.

Then, you could look for the position of the wedding planner’s assistant. The look from the inside of the process will also contribute to your better understanding of the nuances, identifying your strengths and weaknesses on practice. This also will provide the needed experience you may add to your resume. It will bold plus in applying the desired position of the wedding planner.

If you wouldn’t change your intention to build the career after all these steps but and only fix the seriousness of your aspirations and start work as hard as possible you have all chances to become one of the leading wedding planners who earn over  $120,000 every year.

It is your way of starting just now! Let’s start to create miracles for loving couples! We hope that soon you will publish your own recommendations for those who dream about the career path of the wedding planner!
Career Path to Becoming a Wedding Planner
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