PRO Unlimited Named 2019 Service Organization of the Year by NCSA

March 14, 2019
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Contingent workforce management leader recognized for its exceptional service for companies worldwide.


PRO Unlimited, a global innovator of contingent workforce management software and services, has been named the winner of the 2019 National Customer Service Association (NCSA) All-Stars Award for Service Organization of the Year (large business). NCSA is a membership organization that is the ultimate provider of customer service education, development and support services in the United States. It presents this annual award to the organization that consistently maintains a focused culture of service excellence.

The 2019 judging panel recognized PRO’s Managed Services Program (MSP) and Strategy, Analytics and Metrics (SAM) team for going above and beyond the normal line of duty for its clients, staying true to the company’s mission, and consistently providing excellent service. PRO not only helps large organizations around the world manage, source and track its non-employee workforces, but it continuously works behind the scenes for each client. It helps discover and present comprehensive industry insights and make client-specific workforce planning recommendations based on data, trends, market conditions and competitive research. This enables organizations to address the costs, risks and quality issues associated with managing contingent labor.

“We are thrilled to have won this award out of the many companies that were considered. This is just the latest in a series of accolades from associations and analysts that have recognized our industry-leading services and technology,” said Andrew Popler, Executive Vice President, PRO Unlimited. “Being recognized by the NCSA is a testament to the exceptional service that we provide to our clients on a daily basis – all to ensure organizations optimize their contingent workforce programs.”

PRO provides exceptional value to its clients through: 

  • Pure Vendor Neutrality: Exists only when the MSP and VMS provider have no staffing capability whatsoever; PRO possesses no financial affiliation with a staffing provider. That results in the best talent provided at the most market-competitive rates. It requires suppliers to compete for each requisition on a level-playing field, which drives the maximum value for an organization.
  • Market Rate Benchmarking and Cost Optimization: Proactive delivery of current benchmarked bill rates for skill set, geography and industry for more accurate requisition rates for a qualified talent pool.
  • Supplier Pool Harmonization: Competitive bidding with equal opportunity at the requisition level that aligns with market rates balanced by the right number of suppliers to support demands.
  • Data Analysis and Interpretation: Deep and thoughtful utilization analysis, ad hoc reporting and trending and predictive insights to increase enterprise data visibility for making business decisions.
  • Business Intelligence and Resource Planning: Holistic workforce data review and analysis that provides meaningful business intelligence and worker redeployment opportunities.
  • Total Talent Management: Gives clients the ability to import their full-time data along with their contingent data and visualize it through fully customizable dashboards. By importing specific types of “sanitized” full-time data and viewing it right next to contingent workforce data, managers can determine the best way to engage resources across categories from a cost, quality and risk perspective.

NCSA entrants span the spectrum, from some of the most recognizable brands to the most innovative start-ups. The 2019 awards proved to be a particularly tough competition, from an impressive array of organizations of all sizes and from a variety of geographic regions and industries across the U.S.

For the complete list of NCSA Service All-Star winners, click here.

About PRO Unlimited 

PRO Unlimited, through its purely vendor neutral Managed Services Program (MSP) and Vendor Management Software (VMS) solutions, helps organizations around the world address the costs, risks and quality issues associated with managing a contingent workforce. A pioneer and innovator in the VMS and MSP space, PRO offers solutions for e-procurement and management of contingent labor, 1099/co-employment risk management, and third-party payroll for client-sourced contract talent.

About National Customer Service Association 

Founded in 1996, the National Customer Service Association (NCSA) conducts the annual All-Star Awards to highlight individuals, teams and organizations that embody their organizational mission and values, and regularly go above and beyond normal service expectations.

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PRO Unlimited Named 2019 Service Organization of the Year by NCSA
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