Soter Technologies Unveils Enhanced Fly Sense™ FS255 Vape Detection Sensor for Schools and Workplaces

March 21, 2019
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New Wi-Fi supported, advanced Indoor Air Environmental sensors for detecting vape introduced for areas in schools and businesses where cameras are prohibited


Derek Peterson, CEO of Soter Technologies, announced today that the latest model of its state-of-the-art FlySense vaping and bullying detection and smart alert system is now available, featuring sensor improvements and new features. FlySense 255 is the most advanced vape detection sensor and notification system available on the market today. Soter Technologies introduced FlySense in August 2017 as the teen vaping epidemic in schools across the United States began to explode. The new features for FlySense 255 include environmental sensors that read temperature and humidity, which are critical for detecting vape, even in small quantities. In addition, FlySense 255 supports 5 GHz Wi-Fi and includes an advanced algorithm to identify and detect the dangerous Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that are present when vape pens and e-cigarettes are used. The device also includes the company’s proprietary Dynamic Vaping Signature (DVS) technology, a new third-party application interface, Firmware Over The Air (FOTA) remote updates, external camera relay support, and redesigned mobile application.

“As states across the nation have adopted stricter laws prohibiting vaping in schools and other environments, Soter Technologies has seen a rapid growth in the demand for our vape detection system,” said Derek Peterson, CEO of Soter Technologies. “Our goal is to develop products that address the vaping epidemic across the country and other safety concerns in schools. Along with our customers we recognize that vaping is a significant health risk to young people. These e-cigarettes and vape devices use liquids which contain nicotine, dangerous chemicals and illegal drugs. Our system is part of a multi-pronged approach to address the vaping epidemic in American schools.”

FlySense was developed in response to the growing health hazard of student vaping in schools. Vaping is a recognized national health epidemic with a 900-percent increase in e-cigarette use among high school students over the past 4 years. About 3 million – or 20 percent – of high school students in 2018 vape using vape pens, e-cigarettes and Juul devices. In terms of bullying, over one-in-three students, or 3.2 million each year, are bullied in American schools. Bullying has been linked to suicide, the leading cause of death among young people. FlySense also detects sound anomalies in bathrooms and other areas that indicate if fighting or bullying is happening. When detected, alerts are sent to school administrators.

For customers who purchase the new FlySense 255, Soter will include its new PunchAlert emergency notification app for students at no cost. PunchAlert is a smartphone app where students, faculty, and staff can easily report emergencies and safety concerns to on-site responders anonymously and campus security can crowdsource information and send mass emergency notifications through PunchAlert’s app and web incident tracking console.

Hundreds of schools in 35 states and 10 countries have installed the FlySense systems and wide-scale adoption is in progress. Many states, including New York State, have made it illegal to vape on school grounds.

FlySense is a cloud-based platform with Wi-Fi sensors that detect and send alerts to school or workplace officials when vaping or harmful bullying incidents are taking place in bathrooms or other isolated areas such as locker rooms where cameras are not permitted. When the sensor detects decibel level anomalies typically associated with bullying or chemicals from vaping, it sends an immediate email, text or in-app notifications to designated individuals’ computers or mobile devices.

FlySense is available for schools and workplaces across the United States. For information on the FlySense solution or Soter’s other school safety technology, visit A video demonstration of FlySense is available at FlySense Demo Video (). For more information call (934) 500-5454.

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About Soter Technologies 

Hauppauge based Soter Technologies provides the extra sense to stay aware of threats. Using advanced sensor and software technology, Soter Technologies develops and delivers innovative solutions for environmental intelligence – to make the world a safer place, from schools to enterprises to public spaces. Taking a holistic approach to safety and security, Soter provides technology tools to detect and deter without invading privacy. Soter Technologies was founded as Digital Fly™ in 2015 – focused on social media awareness for safer schools and communities – and gained notoriety in 2017-18 for its unique FlySense™ Vaping & Elevated Sound Detector. The Soter name is inspired by Greek mythology wherein Soter is the personification of safety, deliverance, and preservation from harm. Soter Technologies.
Soter Technologies Unveils Enhanced Fly Sense™ FS255 Vape Detection Sensor for Schools and Workplaces
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