Recent Study by Shines Light on the Types of Agencies eCommerce Businesses Should Hire

April 1, 2019
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Social media marketing agencies are the most popular agency type for eCommerce businesses to hire, due to the difficulty of managing the platform combined with a high ROI, according to a survey by


A recent survey has revealed that social media marketing agencies are the top pick for eCommerce businesses looking to strengthen their marketing efforts., a B2B marketplace that links brands with top agencies in various categories, carried out a survey of over 150 eCommerce businesses to gain insights into the types of agencies they use.

This survey found that 45% of all respondents used an agency to manage their social media in 2018, greatly surpassing SEO, PPC, email, and offline advertising. In addition, more companies surveyed used a social media agency than those that did not use an agency at all (33%).

The dominance of social media as an outsourced marketing channel is expected to continue, with more than 46% of respondents saying they plan on partnering with a social media firm in 2019.

Why Social Media Marketing?

When asked about which marketing channel was their biggest investment in 2018, 50% of all respondents said it was social media. For smaller businesses making less than $500,000 a year, this number shot up to 61%.

This response reinforces another key finding of this survey, which is that social media marketing had the highest ROI of any channel — 54% of businesses said social media had the best ROI in 2018.

Social media still holds the top spot for planned investments in 2019 with over 48% of businesses prioritizing social media in their marketing plans. Meanwhile, projected investments in email and offline advertising remained low, with only around 12% and 13% of businesses prioritizing those channels, respectively.

The relatively low costs of social media marketing combined with the high ROI are enough to make it a favorite, but this study also revealed that there may be another factor at play:

The Difficulty of Managing Social Media

Social media was reported as the most challenging marketing channel to manage by 33% of respondents (more than any other channel), which could explain the strong desire to share the burden with an agency.

Though navigating platforms like Facebook is intuitive to most casual users, the near constant interactions that social media marketing requires poses a significant challenge for many businesses.

Those that do not have the resources or skills to adequately manage their online presence often turn to an agency for assistance.

The Increasing Role of Agencies

Between the high ROI, the low barriers for entry, and the difficulty of managing social media, it’s no wonder why it’s the most popular platform to hand off to an agency.

The findings of this survey show that one of the most effective marketing investments that an eCommerce business can make is hiring a social media marketing agency.

This was the case in 2018 and will continue to be the case into the future.

Read the full report here:

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Recent Study by Shines Light on the Types of Agencies eCommerce Businesses Should Hire
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