The DNA of a Great Diversity and Inclusion Practitioner

April 15, 2019
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Always Open

These folks have a vacancy sign that hangs on their head that says “open for business 24 hours a day.” They understand that the gift of differences can come from anyone, anytime, anywhere and at any moment. They are not ball hogs of the truth. They are cognizant that people in their out group can also inject reality, clarity and revision into the inclusion story.


Never Settle

They are energizer bunnies for inclusion. They avoid being yesterday’s wine. They know that what worked for inclusion in the 20th Century will not pass muster in the 21st Century. They are constantly questioning and disrupting the status quo because they realize what got us here, will not get us there.


Inquisitively Curious

They never stop listening to the new revelations of inclusion, acting on this relevant information, learning from the new data received and practicing the new behavior in ways where it becomes habit forming. They get that the inclusion gods are still working on them. They are not finished products and understand that the rough and tumble world of embracing differences is shaping them for a brighter tomorrow.


Committed to the Wow

They are wedded to service in the market place of inclusion. They want their customers to rave about them, refer them to others and circulate positive reviews about their inclusive deeds. Their customer service motto is “Yes, what is the question.”


If a great inclusion practitioner died and we had to do an autopsy of their body to prove they did great things for inclusion, we would find they worked for inclusion 24/7, they never settled for mediocrity, not once stopped searching for inclusive truths and showed up to their customers every day.


If you were arrested for being inclusive, would authorities have enough evidence to find you guilty.

The DNA of a Great Diversity and Inclusion Practitioner
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