7 Best Developer Tools for 2019

April 19, 2019
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Developer tools are a big business for a software application development company. 

The function and capabilities of the tools impact the quality of the software product and developers’ strength. Developer tool is like a fuel to the engine in software development, and so many software development companies remain extremely cautious while selecting the development tool. 

With the best developer tools are made the best software product. 

But always remember not to select a tool for your software development projects for its name and fame but features and functions and your project requirements though.

So, let’s find out what tools are going to see their heyday in 2019.

List of 7 Best Developer Tools for 2019

We have considered factors such as tool usefulness, tool integration capability with another tool, and learning curve to rank the tools. The developer environment sustainability has also been considered to come to the conclusion. 

1. GitHub

According to the data published on the github.com, more than 2.1 million businesses use GitHub. It is a development platform to host and review code, manage projects, and build software. 

Developers can use GitHub on-premises, using their own servers or in the private cloud. It has lightweight tools and advanced features to support developers’ workflow. 

Why GitHub?

  • Built-in review tools to make code review integral to the process
  • Project management tools and task boards providing a snapshot of the work done by the team
  • Identify, assign, and keep track of the tasks done
  • GitHub GraphQL API to create own tools with easy access to data
  • A large set of community guidelines to customize common codes 
  • Data-driven project recommendations 

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2. Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is free and open source code editing software that comes with advanced syntax highlighting and autocomplete feature. It can debug code with breakpoints, call stacks, and interactive console directly on the editor.

It has in-built Git command that enables developers to work with Git and other SCM providers easily. Besides, it is highly extensible and customizable. 

Why Visual Studio Code?

  • Supports more than 30 programming languages, including C#, JavaScript, Ruby, and JSON 
  • Powered by IntelliSense for smart completions depending on variables, functions, and critical modules
  • In-built Git command to review files directly from the editor
  • Solution to install a wide range of extensions for new languages, debuggers, and themes
  • Multiple files can be opened side by side for edits with Command (⌘) / Control click on the file
  • Command Palette to perform a routine task using shortcuts 

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3. Chrome DevTools

Chrome DevTools enable the developers to brainstorm the process of development with on-the-fly solutions to diagnose the problem and perform editing. 

It allows the developers to view any changes in the web page, test the responsiveness of the web pages, measure speed and performance, and review tags or markups. 

Why Chrome DevTools?

  • Working on DOM or CSS is easier on any platform be it Windows, Linux, or Chrome OS
  • A simple command to run JavaScript or check logged messages 
  • Interact with Command Line using Console Panel 
  • Rapid debugging of JavaScript across page reloads 
  • Clutter-free, easy to navigate, and can be used by developers with low experience 
  • A large number of developer extension available with the browser 

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4. Atom 

Atom encourages effective collaboration of developers through shared workspace and the ability to edit code together in real-time. It has awesome features, Teletype, that makes collaboration easier and fun. 

Text editor being an important part of the Developer’s toolbox, Atom provides the capability to the developers to directly work with GitHub and Git from Atom. Developers can create new branches, push and pull, and view pull requests within your editor. 

Why Choose Atom?

  • It is free and does not annoy you with pop ups to purchase a license 
  • To fix a bug or make an improvement, simply fork atom/ atom repo to send a pull request 
  • Built using advanced web technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Node.js through integration
  • It is easy to disable any module if you don’t like it or add or extend the external module if you want to use it
  • Tweaking UI elements to customize and style in Atom is easy and that’s why it is called a “hackable text editor”.
  • In-built package manager to manage package and themes 
  • Smart autocomplete-autocomplete-plus built by community 

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5. Sublime Text 

Since Sublime Text is proprietary, many developers refrain from using this text editor. But then free is not always free, and so Sublime Text manage to get the attention of developers throughout the globe for its awesome features. 

It is fast and easy, powered by numerous plug-ins and smart auto-completion feature. 

Why Choose Sublime Text?

  • Open files with few clicks and quickly jump to symbols, lines or words
  • Change any line, any number of times instantly
  • Powerful, Python API to enhance the functional efficiency of the plug-ins 
  • Automatic generation of project-wide index of every class, variable, method, and function
  • Change syntax and change indentation settings with just a few clicks in Command Palette
  • Custom cross-platform UI toolkit improves responsiveness 
  • Flexible settings allow to customize menu, snippets, completions, macros, and more 
  • One license to work on multiple computers, irrespective of its operating system 

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6. Docker

Docker is not just the technology innovation but also a conceptual innovation that is gaining momentum in the development and devops world. 

Most of the software development companies are turning to running applications in containers that allow to pack, distribute, and manage applications within containers. The containers enable a developer to package the different parts of the applications and deliver it as one package. 

According to a report, 2/3 companies that use docker for first time, adopt it for future purposes. The rate of adoption of docker is up to 30%. 

Why Choose Docker?

  • Consistency across environments, as Docker containers are configured to keep all the configurations and dependencies internally
  • Portable as all the major Cloud service providers such as Google Compute Platform (GCP), Amazon Web Services (AWS) have adopted Docker and are providing support
  • Functions similar to Git repositories, enabling developers to make changes to Docker images and control versions 
  • Keep applications and resources organized, which helps in managing traffic flow as well improves security

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7. Postman

Working with API is easier and efficient with Postman, and so many software application development companies prefer it. It enables developers to build, test, and document APIs rapidly. Postman also promotes collaboration by enabling developers to share their work with each other. 

Since it is a Chrome application, installing Chrome is necessary before the installation of Postman. 

Why Choose Postman?

  • Create integration tests to make sure that API is working properly. As the test is written in JavaScript, developers can use the data in numerous ways like creating local variables or creating loops to run a test repeatedly 
  • Store precise information about different environments and insert the specific environment configuration into the test 
  • Store data and use it in another environment. For example, you can store the response of the data of another API and use it with different elements such as header, URL, or post body 
  • Newman, a command line interface that allows developers to run test directly from the command line
  • Share and move tests into different environments and systems through combining collections of “test” file and an “environment collection file”

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Final Thoughts 

For future-proof software application development, it is essential that you use the right technologies. Consult a software development company that has developers with good experience in using innovative technologies for building, managing, and securing applications. 

7 Best Developer Tools for 2019
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