Becoming A Better HR Manager

July 10, 2019
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Becoming A Better HR Manager

There are plenty of misconceptions about human resources (HR), and whether the department is truly as necessary as some claim. Some believe that the department is overrated and that organizations can succeed without it. However, there are countless companies and corporations all over the world that understand that HR can play a vital role with respect to growth and productivity.

However, how exactly do you know when it’s time to switch things up? The concept of adjusting to the market and becoming more agile is more popular than ever, and with good reason. There are so many variables, whether it’s technology, competition, or another aspect, that make it tougher for companies to survive. Regardless, there is always room for improvement with respect to HR management – and here are some tips on how HR managers can improve upon their methods.

Open Lines Of Communication

There is a problem when it comes to the perception of HR. The idea is that HR professionals only pop up when there are severe issues or difficulties with respect to employees. In some cases, the reaction is justified. In one famous example of HR incompetence, Aviva, a British multinational insurance company, accidentally fired over 1300 employees by mistake. While the company apologized; it’s easy to see how incidents like this have damaged HR’s reputation over the years.

One of the issues with HR is that they often are only contacted when it comes to severe issues, involving discrimination, harassment, and more. For example, there are all sorts of ways to deal with toxic co-workers, but HR is ultimately the department that is expected to resolve these issues. While HR should not be contacting employees to the point where they are impeding productivity, there is nothing wrong with touching base with employees.

HR managers can reach out to employees to communicate on a more consistent basis to make sure that employees are productive and satisfied. While HR tends to step in during a “big change”, there’s nothing wrong with reaching out when there isn’t an issue. This can change the entire perception of an HR manager and allow them to understand employees in a more meaningful way.

Keep Learning

You may have been excited to become an HR manager, and it may have taken you a tremendous amount of time and energy. However, this is where the work begins! In order to become as valuable as possible, you should make sure to stay on top of all current HR trends.

As an HR manager, you might want to consider subscribing to newsletters that discuss human resource management topics, listening to HR-focused podcasts, or attending conferences that discuss human resources. You never know the kind of information that you can obtain, and the approaches may end up helping your organization more than you know!

Gaining Perspective

There are many people who understand that day-to-day operations are essential to an organization’s success, but there is the idea that HR focuses too much on the details instead of seeing the larger picture. While it might not be true of every HR manager; the best HR managers understand that they have to be strategic, and this can’t happen if they are always seen as the individual focused on the minor issues rather than the major ones.

One great way to make sure that you always keep the right perspective is to develop more knowledge about the business. If HR professionals have a strategic view about the business, understand the lexicon, and actually can offer opinions about strategy and growth; executives might take them much more seriously.

Compassion And Empathy

There is a tremendous amount of interest and discussion with respect to artificial intelligence and how it will revolutionize the way that humans interact with each other, and the way that business is conducted. However, there is a reason why human resources are called HUMAN resources, and that’s because there is a certain amount of compassion and empathy involved with the job.

This doesn’t mean that you are supposed to be a therapist or an emotional punching-bag for employees at all. However, an HR manager has to have a certain amount of empathy to understand the needs and desires of employees. There are, certainly, situations where lines need to be drawn, but a lack of empathy can be destructive to organizations all over the world.

Unfortunately, there are companies out there that have absolutely lacked empathy, and it has cost them tremendously. In 2008, a Walgreens employee by the name of Josefina Hernandez took a bag of potato chips off the shelf in order to maintain her blood sugar levels. Hernandez was terminated, and the incident ultimately ended up costing the company $180,000. It’s obvious to see a capable HR manager could have helped Walgreens avoid this incident, especially since Walgreens knew about Josefina Hernandez’s medical condition (Type 2 diabetes). This is just one example of how empathy can help an organization save money and avoid scandals that can damage their reputation considerably.
Becoming A Better HR Manager
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