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6 ways hiring candidates with international work experience can benefit your organisation

July 23, 2019
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Technology is bringing the world closer together through advances in travel and communications. As more bridges are built, new opportunities arise. The people seeking these international pathways are quickly proving their value. Your company could benefit from candidates that have studied in the most cultural student cities in the world.

From advanced communication abilities to a more creative approach to problem-solving, research shows that global candidates are invaluable in today’s professional plateaux. That’s because they’re…

1.  Strong, Motivated and Independent
Candidates with international work experience have all dealt with the same life-changing decision. Leaving their home, friends and family behind, they have shown true commitment to their career in a part of the world they may not have experienced before.

As an employer evaluating a candidate’s character traits, this is instant proof that you’re dealing with somebody who considers their career worth leaving their comfort zone, seeking new opportunities and strengthening their independence for.

2.  Access to a Global Network
Hiring somebody either internationally or with international work experience means that you’re increasing your company’s global network.

During their time abroad, your applicant would have built up a range of contacts familiar with your industry. This new-found access to first-hand contacts in global markets could be the key your company needs for expansion.

3.  Intimate Knowledge of International Markets
As your company grows, the bounties of the international market move within reach. However, with each market comes a new way of thinking.

For example, the difference between advertising methods in America and the UK is astounding. The former regularly features celebrities and puts the product centre stage, whereas the latter focuses on real-world settings and subtle, almost puzzle-like product placement.

Get a head-start by hiring somebody with a first-hand cultural understanding of your desired market.

4.  Highly Skilled Communication
Having moved abroad to work, your candidate has proven experience immersing themselves in different cultures and expanding their communication skills to match new environments. This may also mean your potential employee is bi or even multi-lingual, which is an invaluable asset in any role.

Flexibility, empathy and listening skills are important facets of a good team-member. Travelling and international work experience hone these attributes.

5.  Diversity Boosts Performance
Countless studies prove that a diverse workforce boosts a company’s performance. A great example, which is backed up by Credit Suisse, is a study by Mckinsey.

One of the key points in their data shows that companies with diverse executive boards gain increased earnings as well as returns on equity.

6.  Broad Experience Broadens Creativity
In a globally diverse team, there is a wide range of life experiences and viewpoints ready to tackle fresh issues. Problem-solving is enhanced because of the broad-minded approach the team is able to take.

On top of this, creative thinking is boosted. When ideas are able to be bounced between people whose cultural, educational and linguistic backgrounds differ, the creative possibilities increase tenfold.
6 ways hiring candidates with international work experience can benefit your organisation
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