Why Telephone Screening Interviews Are Old Fashioned

August 13, 2019
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I used telephone interviewing in the past to filter out applicants that looked good on paper but when it came to answering questions they would reveal flaws that meant they were not suitable. Like like of employers it served well until technology and video interview platforms revoulionsied the hiring process.

I speak to founder Nick Marr of the video interview and Jobs platform Employertube and ask why telephone screening should be a thing of the past.

1. Scheduling can be a nightmare.

Candidates who are working find it difficult to find the best place and time to be part of the process. Recruiters are left with missed appointments or worse no opportunity to speak to applicants.  Time-consuming appointment scheduling and matching availability will extend the time spent on the screening process.

2. Finding the right staff to conduct the interviews.

It’s a fact that large-scale recruitment requires additional staff to conduct telephone interviews. Recruiting to recruit is a costly situation and telephone interviewing creates additional workload that will require a huge amount of time

3. Restricting applicant’s risks missing out on the best talent.

We can see telephone interviewing is a huge task and it makes sense that most recruiters will need to restrict the number of applicants. This results in reducing the pool of applicants and opens up the high possibility of missing out on the best people to hire

4. Lack of transparency.

Despite many organizations using the same questions to screen candidates, telephone interviewing lacks transparency. It’s very unlikely that these interactions are recorded and what’s more almost impossible to share with colleagues for joint decisions.

5. Candidates will not be at their best.

Businesses using telephone interviewing miss out on a person’s personality, communication style and do not see the real person behind the voice. What’s more interviews taken whilst rushing between appointments on a mobile risks distractions and therefore applicants will not be at their best.

Common telephone interview mistakes

A common mistake people make when on a telephone interview is that they start to waffle. It’s easy to do, when you can’t see the recruiter’s face it’s tricky to gauge what they’re thinking! But don’t worry about silences on the call, it’s not your job to fill them, feel comfortable to stop talking when you have made your point.

People can make the common mistake of thinking that the interview is less formal when it takes place on the phone, but it’s important that you treat it in the exact same way that you would a face-to-face interview. Dress smart, keep it professional, and make sure you’re fully prepared. Read more here

Video Interview Software

The future is using technology and platforms such as employertube.com. Here video technology is used to optimize the entire process.

Pre recorded interviews

Statistics from humanresourcestoday.com show that Candidates (54%) say scheduling an interview at a convenient time is paramount. Pre recorded interviews are created by the recruiter in a few moments and applicants are invited to the recorded video interview via email or a special link. This stops all the scheduling and costly need for additional staff. HR or recruitment staff simply review all the responses from an online dashboard. Employertube also allows you to share interviews, rate each candidate and award scores helping to sort the best performers. Video interviews can be downloaded and kept for compliance and training purposes

Live Interviews

Conduct live video interviews to further screen your applicants so that you spend the most time on the best talent. Invite several members

Top Tip for success

When answering experiences based questions like “give me an example when you did …. You should answer using a S-T-A-R approach: give the Situation or Task, the Action you took and the Results achieved. Using the S-T-A-R approach to answering is the best way to answer interview questions even if you have not specifically been asked a behavioural question. “Let me give you an example…” is a great follow up to reinforce your answer to any interview question.
Why Telephone Screening Interviews Are Old Fashioned
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