ACTIVATED LIFE: SAN FRANCISCO is Helping Entrepreneurs & Professionals End Mental and Physical Exhaustion

September 11, 2019
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Built to Enhance Well-Being and Productivity, ACTIVATED LIFE is a non-profit powered by Silicon Valley Leaders, Investors, and Global Firms in Tech

San Francisco, CA (September 6, 2019) — Today, Activated Life, a non-profit and global community-driven group of innovators, business leaders and professionals is holding its official launch in San Francisco. Serving as a global hub at the center of high-tech innovation, the organization brings entrepreneurs together to rekindle their spark, bring transformational change within, and help them share that energy to empower others.

Activated Life will offer lifestyle programming that reduces exhaustion while enhancing well-being and productivity. Through innovative events, retreats, and meetups, the organization will improve the mental wellness, personal growth, and social good of different entrepreneurial communities.

Beginning as the brainchild of tech investor and serial entrepreneur Parveen Panwar, Activated Life found traction within a small, passionate group of entrepreneurs over the past two years. Parveen found that it was all too easy as an entrepreneur to become consumed by talks of activating venture funds, bank accounts, and business ventures. As a result, "Getting Activated" started reviving the energy at a business retreat, social gatherings, and online. Activated Life was the start of a global movement for entrepreneurs and executives to unite around causes and initiatives that positively impact business cultures and communities. Since its inception, participants have completed several service efforts that help the most vulnerable, fight hunger, improve schools and the environment from San Francisco to Mexico.

 "I’ve found that the stress-induced, start-up, race to innovate lifestyle is the fastest way to burn out," explains Panwar. "An ‘activated life’ improves productivity, makes purpose, mental and physical well-being a priority, and individuals become equipped with the business agility needed to build and maintain the sustainable companies of the future," he added. Chasing the High author, Michael Dash, covering adversity through the entrepreneurial journey, said, "This community has changed my life. We have built a bond that allows us to genuinely support each other while giving back to our communities along the way."


Redefining the Path to Entrepreneurial Success

Activated Life approaches the stress epidemic with enrichment programs that develop the entrepreneur mindset; expeditions that cause social change; and challenges that raise awareness for social causes. Along with a website designed to be the global hub for conversation and resources, the organization hopes that, with these components, healthier patterns will emerge in the entrepreneurial community.


Building a Community

With a concept in hand, Panwar tapped into his robust network of Silicon Valley leaders, entrepreneurs, and investors to host exclusive Activated meetups. The events, attended by hundreds of founders, investors, and professionals in the Bay area have evolved Activated Life into the organization it is today. In tandem with San Francisco, the organization is now moving into the tech sectors of Los Angeles and New York City with plans to expand throughout the U.S. and other parts of the world.

 To mark Activated Life’s official launch in San Francisco as a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit, the organization will unveil a new website. Additionally, an Activated Life kick-off event for entrepreneurs and executives from Silicon Valley, leaders from the health and wellness sectors, and sponsors FE International and Yeti will take place on Friday, September 13. To learn more, visit




About Activated Life

The Activated Life is a global community of trusted, invested changemakers and individuals who are poised to help each other, and their communities, rise together. Through personal growth events, retreats, expeditions, and meetups, Activated Life is focused on creating deeper connections, self-awareness, learning, and empowerment in a supportive, positive environment. 


About Parveen Panwar

Parveen is an international entrepreneur and angel investor of Shoppable, a leading universal checkout technology platform, as well as other start-ups within medical AI and blockchain. He is very passionate about the use of AI technology in solving medical problems. Parveen launched Activated Life to mobilize communities and corporations to take collective action towards helping individuals live and work with a greater good in mind.


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ACTIVATED LIFE: SAN FRANCISCO is Helping Entrepreneurs & Professionals End Mental and Physical Exhaustion
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