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Conducting an Employee Satisfaction Survey

November 9, 2019
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Employees are an asset to a company! Employee satisfaction is of utmost importance for the enterprise. It defines how happy and contented the employees of your company are with their jobs. It can be measured by an employee satisfaction survey, which is part of the overall solution.

The most important reason for keeping an employee happy is, it reduces employee turnover ratio and raises the employee satisfaction level. Considering these factors will help you have satisfying results – compensation, employment engagement, workload, flexibility, teamwork, resources, management, etc.

A Good Start – Importance of Conducting Employee Satisfaction Survey

Each and everyone who spends most of their day at the company desires to get heard and wants the companies to ask employee satisfaction questions. Besides, they work hard to serve the best for your company leading to its growth and brand value.

Employee Satisfaction gives you an idea of whether your employees are enjoying working for you or not! It’s a no guess game. A proper employee satisfaction idea lets you find out how gratified, motivated, contented, and involved your employees are.

A simple employee satisfaction question like How meaningful your work is can bring a lot of answers and understanding to you. It matters about knowing the concerns and needs of the employees in the company.

Why does it matter knowing about employee satisfaction as well as employee engagement in a company?

Dealing with human resource professionals? The smartest race in the world. There is now a growing trend of employee engagement which differs from employee satisfaction. Besides, employee engagement can be a paramount measure that encompasses other factors in employee satisfaction ideas.

A complete focus on employee satisfaction, including employee engagement, has proven to reduce staff turnover, improve productivity, efficiency, and retain customers at a higher rate leading to good returns.

Indispensable Factors that Make Employee Satisfaction Questions a Must Follow Regime

The employer and management team must make employees love their job and keep them highly motivated. Otherwise, the consequences can be severe and may lead to whooping losses for the company.

The key reasons why employees are dissatisfied in an organization:

  • One of the primary reason why employees might not be enjoying their job is – Less Pay. They might feel that they are being paid low as compared to the quality they are delivering to the enterprise.
  • The second most overlooked reason can be a lack of growth. For an employee satisfaction survey, an enterprise must entirely focus on whether the employees are motivated and promoted or not.
  • Poor management can also be another reason for poor quality performance in the workplace.
  • They are not being heard. For employee satisfaction, communication is the key. Appreciating their efforts, valuing their ideas, recognising them, is all that comprises to raise employee satisfaction level.
  • Employee engagement is yet another reason which makes employee dissatisfied and has a lack of interest in their job.

Repercussions of Dissatisfied and Unhappy Employees

When one feels that his/her job is meaningless and undesirable, then that leads to low morale which brings a negative attitude and leads to a decline in productivity. This might have out-turning effects on the company and its brand value:

Employees tend to spend less time focusing on their job, ultimately resulting in lower productivity.

When a company has high employee turnover and lower employee satisfaction level, then it leads to a lack of customer’s trust in the company, which affects the brand value.

It might let employee’s feel out of a job even being at the workplace because of which they might leave the job, increasing the company’s employee turnover.

It not only decreases productivity but also snatches away all the creativity and innovation which employee satisfaction level could have brought in the company.

It might also disturb the psychological mind-sets of employees.

Specimen of Employee Satisfaction Questions which a Company can Follow for a Good Employee Satisfaction Survey

Firstly, planning out on asking prominent and valuable questions is the most significant step in preparing an employee satisfaction questionnaire. If you want to scale how your employees feel about their role and the company, then include the following questions:

  • Do you find your work challenging?
  • Are you satisfied with the pay for the work you do?
  • How often do you feel stressed at your job?
  • What is your opinion about the HR management team and employers?
  • Are you happy with your working environment and co-workers?
  • Do you think individual professional growth by taking up new tasks as assigned by your supervisor?
  • Do you get promoted?
  • Are you already looking for another job or planning to switch your career outside the company?
  • Lastly, what is one advice that you will give us to work on that will help you in return as well?

Once a proper questionnaire has been chalked out, you need to win their trust that this employee satisfaction survey is indeed going to help in employee engagement and raising employee satisfaction levels


Following tips and tricks can help you get reliable responses:

Maintaining confidentiality will let you receive honest answers and indeed, also increase their sense of security.

Avoid using formal language. Believe it or not, using the corporate language often creates a barrier in mind while answering the employee satisfaction questions.

  • Be on point! When you frame questions, which lets employees speak their hearts out, then this leads to honest and loyal replies.
  • A higher level of participation tends to let you get many answers and work on all these things accordingly.
  •  The more you delve into employee satisfaction level; easier it gets to employee engagement in the company

Conducting an Employee Satisfaction Survey
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