Five Hiring Mistakes Companies make

November 9, 2019
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Hiring new personnel for your company can be exhausting and complicated. While you host interviews and review the worthiness of every candidate, applicants also simultaneously analyze you and the company as well. The hiring procedure is more complicated than selecting the right candidate for the position and this is why companies look for Recruitment agencies. It includes finding and then securing the right candidate, whose values match with the principles and mission of your company. Hence, it is significant for companies to implement the right hiring strategy.

Below listed are the top five hiring mistakes you should avoid while conducting your next recruiting activity:

Rushed hiring:

Rushing into making any decision can prove to be risky, especially with regards to recruiting employees. Sometimes, you may be pressured by the stakeholders for filling the vacant positions quickly as fast as possible. However, it’s crucial that you abide by the hiring process and thoroughly evaluate several candidates before arriving at a decision.


Lack of internal hiring team:

At times, the best candidate may be present right in front of you! It is tough to measure the level of motivation and engagement of a candidate from the resume and a short interview. However, when you hire internally, you are already familiar with candidates as well as their work skills and ethics. Moreover, the internal hiring of candidates is also economically beneficial as it takes away the time and costs linked with advertising for candidates externally. Another benefit is that training and promoting an existing employee can boost his/her productivity and result in better returns.


No feedback/suggestions for improvements to the candidates:

You should help a prospective candidate who fails to question about the respective job position and your company. This, in turn, will help you better determine the skills of the candidate and learn if he/she can fit within your company work culture. Thus, you should describe your company to the candidate, detail out the job position and other information which is relevant for the candidate’s knowledge.


Lack of proper screening:

If you select a candidate who isn’t qualified for the job role, there is no one else to be blamed but yourself. Often, we end up hiring a candidate who appears to be the perfect match for the position basis of his/her resume. However, this isn’t the right approach to follow, and it’s essential to conduct your due diligence. You need to take time and learn more about the person you plan on hiring. Make a note of how the candidate answers to your questions and what he/she says about former office or employers. Moreover, checking and calling the candidate’s references is also as crucial as a good interview.


Less refined search:

Another major hiring mistake is not conducting a proper, refined search. Don’t just put out the job ad everywhere and draw candidates from several sources. Instead, ensure that you frame a clear job description to attract candidates who likely are qualified for the role. Next, screen and compare the received applications with the job description you had posted and remove the erroneous ones. Don’t choose a candidate just because you feel he is like you or if you like him/her. Such an approach will lead to the formation of a team that looks, thinks and acts to a situation the same way. It’s better to have a diverse slate of candidates, with varied outlooks and skills. Also, don’t reject a candidate who challenges you or holds a different perspective than you.


Recruiting the right candidate is vital to boost company profits, maintain a positive work culture and achieve business goals. So, avoid committing these five hiring errors and enhance your chances of selecting the right candidate each time.
Five Hiring Mistakes Companies make
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