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Why Personal Branding is so important?

November 19, 2019
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The days when an employer relied only on interviews or on a CV to select his staff are gone! Today anyone who is conducting a selection process searches on Google for the name and surname of their candidates to get familiar with the existence of their presence online, to then draw further conclusions about their reputation.

In the same way, if you have an activity on the Web, you will always know that on Google there are those people looking around for a product or a service and for this reason you have to make sure you stand out from the crowd to be able to offer something different than the others, something that has an extra gear. Personal Branding implies taking care of reputation, online presence and trying to get that extra edge.


What is Personal Branding

The word "brand", refers to the emotions, opinions that a product, a service or a brand arouses in its users or in the general public. So a brand is tied to a series of values, emotions, expectations that it is capable of arousing its audience. The word "personal" implies something related to the person, not only as "personal" and therefore linked to a human being, but above all to a specific individual in comparison to the mass.

Personal branding is therefore the image and the reputation that an individual has or has built through his online presence and his actions on the Web, and therefore becomes the reason why someone chooses you as a collaborator (if he is looking for staff), as a reference point (if you are looking for help or special information) or the reason why a customer wants you, your products or your services.

Personal branding is nothing more than a series of strategies that aim to achieve an image and a positive online reputation as it distinguishes anything from the mass and allows you to stand out from the others.

These strategies are identified through a process that identifies how you could differentiate yourself from those who have similar skills to yours in the online world and/or in the labor market in general.

To start an independent business, you must first ask yourself what service/product you can offer.

Many people think it’s just a matter of finding "the innovative idea", of preceding others over time, of offering something that nobody offers – which in certain terms is true -, but to create your own brand, which distinguishes you and marks your business you must first analyze yourself.

Analyzing yourself means thinking about your skills (what you know or can do) and your passions (what you like to do: this will automatically make you an expert on the subject, because if you really like performing certain tasks, you can make a better service than others and be particularly comprehensive and helpful).

If you are a recruiter or a headhunter who deals with highly specialized profiles or manager recruitment, personal branding serves to reinforce and communicate to everyone what you already do. This is true both if you work as a recruiter in a company, but it goes without saying that it has even more value if you are a headhunter who works as a freelancer or for an agency.

If you have never participated in industry events in which to tell about your experience, sector, and skill you should start immediately. For a recruiter, it is fundamental and can represent a very strong differentiating element compared to all the other selectors.

It also applies to attract candidates.

The personal branding of the recruiter can influence the candidate attraction and the candidate experience, the reputation of a positive candidate experience can be a way to attract talent and make them stand as candidates.

We must also consider a fact: when a candidate is "officially on the market" it means that he will be in contact with numerous other recruiters and that he will probably already be included in numerous selection processes. In this situation, the possibility of successfully recruiting is lowered exponentially. On the other hand, strong personal branding makes it possible to get in touch and recruit the most interesting candidates, even before the competitors’ recruiters.

In this case, it is safe to conclude that, certainly if you aspire to important roles, DIY is not always as effective as personal branding services managed by a specialized agency. There are a lot of web agencies, but among the most specialized you can find: “BrandMe”, an Entrepreneur’s Social Media Engagement Agency, which connects Managers to Opportunities.

Dealing with Professional Networking, Personal Branding, Social Media Marketing, and Web Community, BrandMe is the best platform for personal branding in Italy. With its team of highly talented experts, fully exploits the potential of social media to lead beginners and professionals, entrepreneurs and employees, to achieve their goals.

How does Personal Branding work?

Whether you’ve chosen to start your own online business, whether you’re working as an employee in a particular industry, personal branding is important in any case.

If you aimed to create your own brand you will (or you already are) become an expert, a point of reference in the niche you have chosen to explore, someone to whom you can ask questions and get comprehensive answers.

To become the point of reference in a specific area, you could, therefore:

-Have a site of your business with valuable and original content that addresses users in your niche, that you will gradually create and to which you will have to dedicate yourself constantly;

-Being present on Social Networks and updating you on groups and pages of your industry and your niche, if you decide to increase your online presence through a blog, also publishes valuable content on it and addressing users of your niche and thinking about the questions that could ask to you;

-Create a community or participate in the existing communities linked to the values transmitted by you and to the themes of your sector: in this way you can create contacts and demonstrate your knowledge and ability to listen;

-Participate in the discussions that take place within your niche, keep the dialogue alive and listen to your audience as a person: you are an expert, but to make yourself appreciated you must offer your help and your availability to your audience.

Personal Branding is now fundamental in the world of work. Your image and your online reputation can make you easily recognizable as the reference point for your niche.

Why Personal Branding is so important?
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