The Perfect Post Recruitment To-Do List for HRs

December 4, 2019
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Done with the hectic “hullabaloo” of employee recruitment processes? Needless to say, the long and monotonous hours of talent hunting, reviewing applications, organizing tests, conducting interviews, shortlisting candidates, negotiating salaries and other stages of hiring even a single employee get pretty drudging sometimes. And once you complete this elaborate procedure, you realize it is just the beginning and there is a gamut of operations that you still need to perform. Don’t worry just yet! What you are about to begin, is nothing as compared to what you have already accomplished so far. So relax and do quick research on what needs to be done after a prospective candidate is converted into an employee of the organization. In fact, if you follow a systematic and “one at a time approach”, the rest of the journey seems like a “cake-walk”.

Here is a stepwise checklist of the actions that you are required to tick soon after you finish the initial recruitment functions:

  • The first step is to know and have a vision of what exactly you are going to do now. So, prepare a plan for organizing upcoming events and tasks beforehand
  • Decide the date of joining, date of induction and onboarding as well as other important dates that are crucial for a newly recruited employee
  • Get the list of documents ready that you need to share with the selected candidates such as offer letter, appointment letter, salary annexure and BGV form among others
  • Choose an authentic and attractive offer as well as appointment letter sample and send the proposal mail within a week; then confirm employment only after acceptance of the offer letter by the candidate
  • Verify the background of every employee before confirming the placement either by doing it on your own or by hiring a third-party expert for the same
  • Make all the necessary arrangements for employee orientation program like preparing the presentation to be delivered, company brochures, goodies and so on
  • Update the critical information (personal/ professional) of the hired candidate in the organizational database and allot a registration number for future uses
  • Coordinate with the concerned managers to prepare KRAs and KPIs for the new employees to facilitate their performance management later

And…. you are good to go now! Although HRs have multifarious roles to perform and the responsibilities seem never-ending, but for now, you can take a breather! You might be taking care of complex operations like attendance management, payroll processing, employee engagement and retention strategies, exit management, pension release and numerous other functions later. But at this stage, as much as the work is crucial and demands caution, yet it is simple and would not take much of your time. So, for the management of initial formalities, adhering to the aforementioned list would suffice.

The Perfect Post Recruitment To-Do List for HRs
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