EPFO withdrawal

December 6, 2019
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In this regard,It is informed that your settlement claim has been received to gurgaon office but we are  unable to settle the said claim because settlement amount is above Rs 10 lakh & as per HO direction verification should be compulsory from Employer but at present employer has not accepting any calls so you are requested to please contact your employer & provide email id of employer that could be higher value amount verification may be done accordingly.
This is the reply I got from EPFO office – Gurgaon, against my PF withdrawal application. The company I was working has shut shop after swindling a substantial amount by not paying statutories like Service Tax/  GST/ PF/ ESI etc. PF wants me to run and trace the company where they failed. I did not find the company’s name even in the defaulters list in the PF site. The Company – XecuteHR Solutions Pvt Ltd
EPFO withdrawal
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