Accomplishments I'm most proud of

January 14, 2020
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I guess one of my accomplishments I’m kind of proud of is having been a part of the initial design for the current Research Reports and Infographics for Research back in 2016-2017. I haven’t worked on any of the reports recently, but I feel in the initial beginnings it helped spread the awareness of the brand and it’s relevance in the HR Research space/community (specifically from a design point of view).

Also being apart of the initial logo, website, brochure and pocket guide design for both LEAD2015 and LEAD2016 live events. I felt it made a bit of an impact
in the overall HR community and helped spread the LEAD brand. I still get requests for badges from earlier events.

Another is being apart of the initial design for the RV which I’ve never designed before. It’s designing fun projects like these, which not only help spread the brand but also bring the community closer together, and we may get a new member or two.

I have others, but I guess from the top of my head these would’ve helped contribute to the brand and it’s apparent HR community.
Accomplishments I'm most proud of
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