Grateful for!

January 14, 2020
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Before my journey began 3+ years ago. I had never traveled outside of Canada. Within my first year, I obtained a passport, traveled to 5 US States and met with many HR Professionals and HR Vendors. All of the experiences during this time have helped me to grow professionally and personally. Way outside Of my Comfort Zone, Is no Longer WAY outside of my comfort zone.
I have also learned to Prioritize and multi-task much better. And my stress level has decreased significantly.

During the past few years Unfortunately/Fortunately there have been some significant Events of Grief/loss in my personal life that have altered my Mental and Emotional Health. I have been blessed to have resources provided by and was given the time to take care of my self. I have come back stronger with greater self confidence. I have also found a healthy balance, Mentally, Psychically and Spiritually. This is a gift for myself, my family and 🙂
Grateful for!
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