Hummm had to sleep on this one….

January 14, 2020
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I am super proud of the team we have at We have many talented people with so many hidden talents we have not even begin to tap into. And these talented people have created a company by scratch while they have grown personally and professionally along the way.

Personally though, I don’t think I thought I would amount to very much. In fact I really sucked at school and I had to work very hard to pass my courses. I can’t do math and I was not very good at spelling, in fact the only thing I was good at was art. I had very low self esteem growing up and I become a teen mom. After having my daughter and going to college for graphic design and marketing I was given an opportunity to work for a woman named Debbie. You might know her. 🙂

There have been many ups and downs along the way (almost 30 years). But here are a few things I am proud to have learned along the way.
– You can learn ANYTHING you want to learn. I have a thirst to learn new things and apply what I have learned along the way to whatever role I am in or thing I am doing.
– Fall down 7 times, and get up 8. It is a proverb that has gotten me through many ups and downs. I am proud to have learned that I can fail at lots of things, and know that it was not a wasted effort, but I can take what I have learned from that failure to succeed in another area.
– Work hard at your goals and you can achieve anything you believe you can. The key is "believing you can". Which is something I am still learning. But when looking back and I was faced with a challenge that I did not even consider second guessing myself on, I achieved amazing things.

This is probably TMI but those are things I am most proud of at my time at I have really grown personally and professionally. I could have probably just said that. lol.
Hummm had to sleep on this one….
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