Time-Saving Tips for Small Businesses Owners

January 14, 2020
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As a small business owner, you often find yourself wearing different hats to keep things running. Time is of the essence, not only in your personal life but in your business life as well. Learning small tricks of the trade to help you shave minutes off your workday can improve your productivity and your mood. Here are some great tips to take you from a struggling small business to a successful multi-employee industry leader.

Task Management Lists

If you wake every morning without direction, where do you go? To be as productive as possible, you should create a task list either in the evening or first thing in the morning. A task list will allow you to stay the course through the day as you work to move your business forward. This can be something as simple as a pen and paper, or something more advanced like time management programs that allow you to keep your task list in the cloud so you can have multiple team members contribute to the list.

Prioritize Your Work

Even with a task list, it’s easy to get derailed by emergencies, either internal or client-related. Understanding what’s a priority and what isn’t will allow you to address the crises promptly while not neglecting the other important priorities on your task list. Most task management software applications will allow you to tag the task based on priority, often color-coded so they are easy to identify visually.

Use Reminders and Notifications 

It’s easy to let the day slip by as your work consumes you. Setting reminders for important meetings and calls is a great way to stay on track. Most CRMs and cloud calendars make creating invites and setting reminders as easy as checking a box. Having your computer and phone in sync with your CRM or calendar ensures you won’t miss the notification when the reminder alarm goes off.

Don’t Let the Little Things Distract You

It’s easy to get distracted with emails, social notifications and text messages from co-workers, friends, and family. If you’re a small business owner, you probably receive all of these. Knowing when to engage someone and when to ignore a notification is something you will need to master. You don’t need to respond to every notification immediately, and not everything is an emergency. Take that into account next time someone leaves a random post on your Facebook page, and ask yourself, “Is it worth engaging?”

Stay as Stress-Free as Can Be

Stress is part of life, and owning a business doesn’t alleviate any of it. When you are feeling stressed, take a deep breath, step away from your desk for a minute and try to relax. There are only so many hours in a day, and only so much work that can be done. If you are inundated with work, it’s a good thing; learn to manage the workload, and learn to manage your stress levels. You don’t need to accept every job that comes across your desk. If there is too much happening, learn to say “no.”

Outsource Work

Some tasks may need to be completed by you, but many can be outsourced to save you time and money. Consider hiring a virtual assistant to help you manage your workload. Sites like Upwork.com can help you find industry-specific freelancers to help you. And with the ability to outsource data entry, HR, payroll and legal services, you should be able to cover all your bases while you grow your business.

However you approach your work schedule, we wish you a productive day. Hopefully, these tips will help you optimize your time and open up some extra hours in your day to enjoy yourself.

Time-Saving Tips for Small Businesses Owners
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