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SmashFly Technologies Ranked as a Fastest G...

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Attributes 336 percent revenue growth to recruitment marketing technology advancements, new customers and expanded sales and global engineering functions   SmashFly Technologies, the leader in

Impact Hiring Strategies To Bridge The Empl...

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As HR professionals are keenly aware, many U.S. employers are contending with a vast number of job openings that they are unable to fill. According

Are You as Good at Interviewing as You Thin...

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Is your employee turnover rate stubbornly refusing to go down? Is the employee engagement level still not reaching your organization’s goal? Are you dealing with

New DOL Proposed Rule On Fluctuating Work W...

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I like how the USDOL is moving along with proposals and plans that assist employers in running their businesses, compensating their employees fairly, and, importantly,

Determining The Status Of Independent Contr...

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On November 7th a bill was introduced in the New Jersey legislature that would, like California’s AB 5 (see our previous blog here), codify a

Next Stop For Employers – 2020

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With 2020 fast approaching, it comes as no surprise that employers will face new and emerging HR challenges and obstacles when it comes to complying

Weekly Staff Meeting – Nov 19, 2019

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How to Create a Great Company Culture

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The term company culture has become something of a business buzz phrase in recent years, but unlike so many other management buzzwords, it is one

Video Resume: Why Should Employers Consider...

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It is becoming common practice for employers to use video in job interviews and even resumes. While video resumes might not completely replace their traditional

November 19 weekly staff meeting slides pos...

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Thanks for all of your work culture club and to the highlighted employees! That was fantastic!$media.resource(1574175538565) November 19 weekly staff meeting slides posted Source: