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Oracle Cloud Growing in Leaps and Bounds

Jan 13, 2017Comments off

Oracle has been a sleeping giant when it comes to the cloud and specifically HCM. In their latestest earnings report the giant has been wakened and look out, they are the first cloud company to exceed

Types of Visual Content On Instagram

Jan 12, 2017Comments off

Instagram is very visual; users put up videos and pictures on this social media platform. At first, it was used just for entertainment, but businesses are now seeing the value in using Instagram for marketing purposes

Human Capital as a Service enabled by Freel...

Jan 12, 2017Comments off

Can you picture the concept of Human Capital as a Service? Think of it as the on-demand availability of trusted talent for your organization, when and where you need it, without actually having to “own” the

Making 2017 My Year of "Personal Accou...

Jan 12, 2017Comments off

My husband is a college basketball coach. Over the holiday break, he gave each of his players a copy of the book, QBQ: The Question Behind the Question®. He had noticed that when his players made


Jan 12, 2017Comments off

$media.resource(1484249602426)(og.jpg) Health and Wellness Program Ideas Do you know why only 11% of Californians smoke while over 26% of the adults in Kentucky smoke? California has less than half of the smoking rate of Kentucky because

4 (free!) ways to boost employee engagement

Jan 12, 2017Comments off

Employee engagement directly relates to overall company performance. According to Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace, high engagement means as much as 65 per cent less turnover, up to 41 per cent less quality issues, and

Marijuana in the Workplace

Jan 12, 2017Comments off

Recreational use of Marijuana legalized in some states — How does that affect the workplace This year, a few more states passed laws making recreational use of marijuana legal. The new laws state that there is

6 Aspects of Emotional Intelligence You Mus...

Jan 12, 2017Comments off

When selecting leaders for your organization, there are several important characteristics to look for in a strong candidate. For example, you probably want a leader with good delegation skills, the ability to lead change, the ability to create

My Friend, the Richest Man You’ve Never H...

Jan 12, 2017Comments off

I first heard about Bill Bartmann in the late 1990s. I was working on a book, The Stuff of Heroes: The 8 Universal Laws of Leadership and was seeking interviewees of outstanding leadership to illustrate the

Write Content That Facilitates Buying Decis...

Jan 12, 2017Comments off

Because of your sophisticated tracking and targeting, you know who’s reading your content. But do you know why they’re reading it? And how are you accessing those who could/should buy but are ignoring the articles you