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UK Autumn Budget 2017: What HR and payroll ...

Dec 28, 2017Comments off

November 22, 2017 saw the UK chancellor, Philip Hammond, unveil the autumn budget. Following are a few key points that payroll professionals need to note. UK Autumn Budget 2017: What HR and payroll professionals need to

Why It’s Ok To Say No To Your Company’s...

Dec 28, 2017Comments off

We all know that the awareness of sexual harassment and gender bias in the workplace is at an all time high. The stories just keep on coming. They do not stop. Every day a new woman

6 Tips To Protect Your Company’s Data Fro...

Dec 28, 2017Comments off

Ransomware can quickly cripple a business and the problem appears to be growing, as evidenced recently when the U.S. government issued a warning about Bad Rabbit, a ransomware attack that spread through Russia, the Ukraine and

HR, Employee Communications And GDPR: Part ...

Dec 28, 2017Comments off

The whole point of the GDPR is that personal data belongs to the person, and not those collecting and processing it. This means respecting the privacy of the individual, and not sharing any data without their

Protect Your Benefit Plans From Cyber Crimi...

Dec 28, 2017Comments off

Most cyber experts say that your enterprise WILL be attacked by cyber criminals. While the “dark web” is not, in itself, an illegal entity, cyber criminals, cyber extortionists and cyber terrorists have used the dark web

Lessons From Hurricanes And Wildfires: How ...

Dec 28, 2017Comments off

Throughout 2017, we have seen natural disasters like hurricanes and wildfires cause unprecedented damage, resulting in thousands of companies temporarily (or perhaps even permanently) closing down operations. While the main focus has rightly been the safety

How Valuable A Target Is My Company To Cybe...

Dec 28, 2017Comments off

​​​​​​​Cybersecurity breaches are frequent, frustrating and becoming more massive with each new headline. The worst data breach in healthcare history was the Anthem breach of February 2015. More than 78.8 million records were stolen by a

Steps Employers Should Take In The Wake Of ...

Dec 28, 2017Comments off

The proliferation of high-profile sexual harassment and sexual assault claims in recent months has been staggering, and it is a safe bet that such claims will greatly increase in number in the New Year. To be

New Age Harassment: What to do when you lea...

Dec 28, 2017Comments off

Who will be next? After Matt Lauer, Garrison Keiller and Russell Simmons each faced assertions of inappropriate conduct recently, the “who’s next” question predominates pop culture and the daily news cycle. In the wake of numerous

Sure There's An Ideal Blog Post Length...

Dec 27, 2017Comments off

Writing a weblog can be frustrating if that you don’t know where you should stop. Some would inform you to stop whenever you go out of either energy or something to say. However, you have heard