Pandexio’s 2018 Year End Update

December 13, 2018
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powering up critical thinkers — the workforce productivity solution for today’s digital workplace

  • If you haven’t yet seen Pandexio in action, I encourage you to contact us for a quick show and tell: If you were one of the 5,000+ attending the annual HR Technology Conference in Las Vegas this past October, you know that leading analysts including Josh Bersin announced – for the first time – the addition of Workforce Productivity solutions to the stack of HR Technology. To my knowledge, Pandexio is the only true workforce productivity platform. It is the quickest path to empowering workforces to be more productive, make better decisions faster and with evidence. Several more enterprise organizations have caught on to Pandexio in just this last quarter and are quickly implementing it. Do you want to, too? Let us show you how easy it can be and the increase in productivity you can expect.



And, Ventana Research corroborates: “Organizations are experiencing a workforce productivity plateau that is seriously impacting their agility,” says Steve Goldberg, VP and Research Director, HCM at Ventana Research. “When you look closely, most employees are inefficient at extracting meaning and relevance from content they consume and then sharing those nuggets with others. Pandexio’s platform enables workers to digitally connect with each other at the key insight level in order to form big ideas, solve business problems and make well-founded decisions.” said Goldberg.

And even Steve is not alone! Just yesterday, Adam Kaplan at G2Crowd posted this on LinkedIn:



  • In addition to workforce productivity, Pandexio is a fresh answer to ongoing performance support challenges. Gary Wise, Workforce Performance Strategist and Coach at Human Performance Outfitters, identifies the role that Pandexio plays in moving employees beyond learning and optimizing their performance. That is what workforce productivity is all about, isn’t it? Check out Gary’s thoughts here:

Questions of the Month

It is that time for us to begin thinking about our 2019 research. As such, we are eager to learn more from the HR and other business function leaders about the need for and the existence of technology that creates a more productive workforce. Please take a minute to offer your responses to these 3 quick questions – just email me at with your 3 answers:


  1. During the typical workday, how many hours (on average) do you spend searching for documents or emails previously consumed/created?

__Less than 1 hour

__More than 1 hour and less than 2 hours

__More than 2 hours


  1. Not being able to access just the information I need at the moment I need it is a huge time-waster.



__Neither agree or disagree


  1. I do not have the information management software I need to efficiently manage the information I receive every day.



__Neither agree or disagree


(NOTE: If the response rate produces statistically significant results, we will share in our next update.)


Want to Know More?

Looking into 2019, Pandexio plans to integrate our platform with content systems and collaboration tools.  Our integration will seamlessly add Pandexio to the technology systems you are already using. Stay tuned for more on this next year.


And as always, if you would like copies of our thought-leadership, research, or to see a demo of new Pandexio features, direct your request to


Finally, you are invited to join us at either or both of the web casts that we are leading in February. The Feb 21st reg link is here: Join Bob Danna and I as we interview David Miller, Executive Consultant Pandexio and Gary Wise Performance Strategist and Coach about today’s new frontier for accelerating employee productivity and sustaining performance. The Feb 22nd web cast registration link coming soon – stay tuned here and on LinkedIn and Twitter. On the 22nd, Bob Danna and I will talk about how thought leadership marketing boosts your brand.


I hope you won’t wait any longer to join leading organizations in their movement towards building a workforce of more productive employees, an organization that acts with agility minimizing business risk, and a workplace that creates an experience that employees would choose first over any other. Write to me ( and we’ll make sure we help make it happen for you.


Pandexio’s 2018 Year End Update
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